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Here In Oakland

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June 14, 2017


Wednesday. Lights out after nine and awakening minutes after six to listen to the first half of Democracy Now! as I got ready to walk to breakfast. The usual “am I really up for walking” going through my head as I was getting dressed, but leaving the second I headed out the door, this time with the East Bay Times in tow. The usual routine, in other words.

The Eggs Benedict for breakfast, learning the Chronicle was estimating two million people would show up for the Warriors parade tomorrow morning. The East Bay Times was more conservative, saying but a million people would line up to watch the parade. Hmm. I may just forget the parade and photograph the crowd. I'm after people's expressions more than their fame.

Let's not drift too far off into fantasy excuses here.

Sunny walking home, making it a point to cross the street at the Grand Lake theater to take a picture of their marquee, remembering I'd missed a chance to photograph their last political statement.

A Protime blood thinner test this early afternoon and then a two o'clock appointment with the cardiologist. Not sure why the cardiologist scheduled an appointment for today, unless it's been a year since I had the last one. A year? This is the new cardiologist I was referred to after my old company canceled its retiree health insurance and I lost the old (much better) one. But a year since then?

Started the laundry when I got home. Hard to predict when I'll do it or when I'll put it off. Flip a coin: one day yes, one day no. I never know.

Later. Laundry done a bus to Broadway and then a walk up Broadway to the lab, taking a set of pictures when passing the construction site at the corner of Broadway and 27th Street. Made it to the lab by one twenty-five, but had to wait longer than I was hoping before they could draw the blood and had to scramble over to the doctor's office to arrive on time. They all fit together finally, but not through any design of mine. Next time we plan more carefully.

I'd been thinking I'd had a visit to the cardiologist maybe six months ago, but was told it had been a full year. They say when you get older that time blurs together and flies. Times flies. But it was a year?

Spent the rest of the afternoon processing today's pictures, listening to the news and an episode of Law & Order (that I'd seen before). The daily routine. Still, familiar, comfortable, feels good.

Evening. Piddled away the evening skipping most everything on television and burning out on whatever I'd been in the middle of watching on the tablet. Still, lights out not too long before ten, we'll see how that plays out for the night's sleep in the morning.

The photo up top was taken at the Temescal Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.