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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 14, 2016


Tuesday. Lights out after the Warriors disintegrated last night, awakening twice (I think it was twice) during the night and then to finally awaken and get up at just before six. Seems to have been a decent night's sleep for all that and so off to breakfast on a clear bright sun morning. I said I'd finished setting the cameras up for the new (and better) way of focusing, but the D500 vertical battery grip wouldn't focus the camera while walking home. It may be a hardware problem in the add-on vertical grip itself, but it's something I need to figure out.

Life is hard, my son.

We're explaining, not complaining. Nice to have the camera, nice to have the vertical grip, I wish I could have had such things back when I was in school, just starting out with photography and couldn't afford them.

How many photographers say the same?

With the exception of the Koch brothers, I'd say pretty much all.

Later. There was a menu setting I'd missed on the focus setup, works fine now. This older age dingy business gets in the way, I'm afraid, but getting in the way isn't the same as stone cold stopped in our tracks.

A bus to Latham Square at ten to find no workers present. Not sure they've made all that much progress since I was last by, but a series of pictures anyway, we'll futz with them later. Nice day, sunny, but worth wearing the light jacket.

Off the bus early to check the sign I'd noticed that had been posted on the bus stop opposite the 7-11 look-alike when setting out. No 58L bus will stop there anymore and so two buses are now required to get to Jack London Square. OK. When's the last time I've gone to Jack London Square on a bus or in the car?

Phoned Nikon about their battery recall notice to replace the two batteries I'd gotten some time ago with the small V1 camera with new batteries that will now work with the new D500. Not sure I needed to do that, but a good sign I was able and willing to expend the energy necessary to stop delaying and make the call.

Later still. Hungry and so a walk over to the lake and take a picture of the finished sidewalk now in place before walking on to the morning café for a change to have a donut and coffee. Haven't had lunch there in months and my morning waitress was surprised. Another sign the day is going well, a break in the rut, although I had taken a second dose of the pain meds before I set out. Don't take a second dose all that often, but sometimes it's needed to turn these damned sinuses around.

Processed today's pictures, noting the ones I'd taken while holding the camera up over my head at the Latham Square fences using the Live view feature. They weren't quite in focus and so dug out the manuals again to find the settings necessary to fix the problem. Live view displays the image, not in the viewfinder, but on the back display panel and is used in taking both individual pictures and in shooting video.

You've never taken video with any of the cameras.

I know. There's a certain (sniff! sniff!) pure as the driven snow still photographer attitude there, but the reality is I'm an idiot in using these things for years and not learning how to use them for video. So if I can figure out how to use the picture taking side of Live view I can also figure out the video side and at least know how to use it should it ever become necessary. You know, when the flying saucer lands in the back yard or when the hordes of naked ladies (carrying red umbrellas) suddenly come running at you down the sidewalk singing Christmas carols, both of which would be better recorded in video.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, read a magazine article or two in bed and searched in vain for something on television. There's always Charlie Rose at eight, but he's discussing the Orlando shooting again and I've heard and read enough about the Orlando shooting by now to last me for the day, the week and most probably the lifetime.

Learned then that Bernie Sanders was clobbered in the Washington D.C. primary and so figured it was time for bed, not to pull the covers up over my head and pout, but to turn out the lights and get to sleep. After a pretty decent day, I'd say, second dose of pain meds aside. Maybe more progress with the things on the to-do list tomorrow?

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.