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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 8, 2016


Wednesday. Still lights out by ten last night, no thought to stay up to see how the vote totals would play out, Clinton ending up hammering Sanders 56% to 43%, a 13 point margin. This has not been an ego building period for pollsters, many of them saying before the vote it was a toss up favoring Clinton. OK. We'll see how it goes from here. The corporate Democratic party is intact, albeit fraying now at its edges.

Awake at six to get up, get ready and walk to breakfast, the morning overcast, the attitude and the walk pretty good. I generally say that and believe it true, but I suspect it's true in the sense it tends to be better, often much better, than later periods in the day. Mustn't obsess about this stuff, even though it permeates if not dominates the writing. Hardly scribbles for the ages. Aged, maybe, but not ages.

Later. A slow day. A bath at noon while listening to an interesting program on climate change in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the “little ice age” period when it got colder and crops failed for many years, how this drove the world to conflict and killed up to a third of some populations. There are implications for a warming world, of course: crop failures, mass migrations, starvation. Not sure why I keep listening to this stuff.

I'm still taking a bath about once a week, but I've started washing the hair in the sink in between. This is based on the theory if the scalp itches, the scalp needs a good washing. Seems to be effective.

Otherwise a brief walk over to the lake, taking a new camera with the equivalent of a 200mm f 2.0 lens, thinking of taking pictures of more distant birds than the in closer paving operation, but ended up shooting pictures of the pavement crew and little else. Wrong lens, too close to the subjects. A different lens can give you a different perspective, something I don't go out and do nearly enough anymore, seek the occasional different perspective. Not that I applied it to any degree today at the lake when I arrived. Lazy.

More don't give a damn and befuddled from my perspective.

Ah, well. Mid-afternoon, time to listen to the news.

Evening. A different afternoon and now evening. Tired, felt like lying down well before the time I usually think of bed, stayed up to watch most of Democracy Now and then check out Charlie Rose that started at eight. Skipped Rose and went to bed and to sleep for perhaps and hour before waking up to brush the teeth and then go back to sleep. “Funky headed” is the term that comes to mind, but a more intense iteration.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.