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Here In Oakland

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June 4, 2016


Saturday. Lights out again at ten to awaken briefly a couple of times (to take a leak) and then finally awaken at quarter to six. Hmm. Well, OK, fifteen minutes early. Overcast, but a comfortable walk to breakfast to document the six cent a gallon increase in the price of gas. Sounds about right, I was planning on filling the tank tomorrow when I drove to breakfast. Such is life, but sixty additional cents won't break the bank.

There's a book fair in Berkeley that I'll probably skip. Not sure what photo opportunities would be available, but it's spread out within a small number of blocks and maybe there will be people wandering about. A couple of authors are speaking I'd like to hear, but I have no confidence at the moment I'll go. Knowing myself. Not well, we've always been a bit of a dumb post in our introspection, but well enough to know if I'm liable to go.

My sister had some excellent photographs of our cousin Dave that she was able to forward to the family and so that's good. I've been thinking about my own picture production at family gatherings, though. I've got quite a few of most of the cousins and their families, but next time it will be more inclusive. If there is a next time. My lack of traveling, you understand, isn't limited to book fairs.

Later. A walk over to the lake and by the white column pergola to the farmers market where I bought a waffle square with Nutella and whipped cream. I've had these before, usually without the Nutella, usually with good effect, but for some reason I was only lukewarm to this one. Who knows? Maybe the mood, maybe the weather.

Walking there were none of the “vision issues” I talked about yesterday, but the same somewhat off feeling was present, this happening in the late morning again. We'll try taking the meds in the evenings in the future, see if they are part of the problem. By taking them when I get up, maybe they cause side effects by the later morning and the issues have nothing to do with breakfast. (The plain waffle and sliced fruit was this morning's breakfast.) Try taking them at bedtime, let the negative effects kick in when I'm asleep if they're to blame. They probably aren't. I've futzed with this in the past, but what the hell, it's worth a(nother) try.

Let's see. It's mid-afternoon, the head seems clear, the day is still overcast, the temperature in the mid-seventies. The weather people are warning it's much warmer farther south of here, not sure if it will creep up here any time soon, but still today is a nice day.

Evening. And so a day spent essentially watching television. Not very good television, a couple of the programs were programs I discovered I'd seen before, although I only noticed it about half way through. Doesn't seem to matter one way or another, though.

And so you've wasted your day?

Well, what's the definition of waste if you're feeling reasonably content? To bed now at eight, see if we can find something on the tablet. Still light outside, doesn't seem right somehow to go to bed when you can see the lake clear as day through the window.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.