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June 16, 2015

Much Better

Tuesday. Another early to sleep night, before ten anyway, awake just after six some twenty minutes before the alarm was set, feeling, well, a little slower than I did yesterday. Still, slow, it's early, we have a day yet ahead.

A walk to breakfast and back, a decent breakfast, a photograph of one of the pandorea flowers on the one same vine, the other still holding out for better weather. Or water. Or someone to move it back home to Australia. Doesn't matter.

Back to post yesterday's entry and then take a good hour's nap. Click! Went right to sleep. Tired.

Thought it best to go downtown, pick up the prescription refill I'd requested yesterday and take the usual pictures before noon and so up and on a bus to the pharmacy to find they'd filled the wrong prescription. My fault when I'd ordered, as it happens, but it was obvious when they said the charge for the ninety day supply was a dollar eleven instead of the expected one hundred.

A walk up Broadway to the Latham Square construction site to take the day's set of pictures and then return to the pharmacy to pick up the corrected prescription. On then to the Rotunda building for a raspberry shortcake cookie, a Biscotti and coffee to kill time until the bus home arrived. A ride to the apartment house construction site stop to take the daily set of photographs there, lucking out in the sense there were workers visible during the noon lunch hour.

Tired. The sinuses have been the problem, needing to blow the nose every time I'd eaten something, wondering if I've become sensitive to the crappy air days they say we've been having. They say I'm allergic to cats - cat dandruff - maybe it's more than that. Diesel exhaust, pollen, pillow interiors that have secretly fermented. You hear things, you read things in the newspapers.

Maybe you need to stop reading the papers.

And w hat would I do then over breakfast?

Later. An oversize dose of pain meds, some time in front of the computer with the fan blowing and the day has finally come together, making working on today's photographs a pleasure. Well, interesting, not unpleasant, a way to while away the afternoon hours. Which I've done so many times now there's no counting (as you might imagine).

A really nice day, by the way, the temperature within reason, the sun shining, my camera exposures off kilter. I need to review the manual and the camera menu settings, something is not right and I'm far too many years into this photography thing not to know what I'm doing. Test and practice, learn and learn again. Forever. The basics. Not something we doddlers and tree sloths like to hear. Dear-oh-dear.

And will our little rant get us to do anything about it?

We'll know in the next paragraph.

Later still. I did check the camera settings against the manual (it took all of ten minutes). Tomorrow we'll do some testing. Otherwise spent something like an hour on the guitar and little else. Watched Democracy Now and downloaded updates to all the Adobe programs when the message popped up on the screen saying they were available. Took two hours for the four of them to download and update. Two hours?

Evening. Watched Charlie Rose at eight, haven't been able to get myself to look at anything on the tablet now that it's well into the evening.

Head clear, sinuses letting me know they're still there, but behaving. Big difference between morning and afternoon/evening. Because I took the pain meds or because that's what always happens, the afternoon and then more reliably the evenings being better? Often much better.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.