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June 14, 2015

Sleep Early

Sunday. To bed reasonably early and then right to sleep, awakening briefly at five and then awakening again with the alarm at six-thirty. Something of a decent night's sleep. A drive to breakfast and back and then a nap, another hour's sleep, up thinking we should be ready for the day ahead. Cross our fingers, of course, and smile nicely in whatever direction.

A bus to the ATM on Broadway, no thought to walk on to Latham Square to see if they were active or if they'd finished the Cathedral building mural, a walk instead along a path I often used when I lived on Perkins, a deviation that led by Whole Foods. Been a while since I've been in Whole Foods, this around noon, crowded with lots of interesting stuff on display. Calories aplenty, but organic calories grown by artisans. More so than I remember from earlier days. Pastries and cheeses and such in what seemed greater abundance. Hmm.

Fortunately I didn't have a bag with me to carry anything I might purchase home. Couldn't go through a Whole Foods checkout line and not have your own cloth (or plastic or paper) bag. I don't think.

I'm afraid you live in a little world all your own.

With a babble track.

Later. Another section added to Latham Square. Progress, of sorts. Tired of always half listening to the news in the background and so playing some of the old l.p.'s, records I once played constantly and it's bringing back twinges of, I don't know, sadness? Nostalgia? People who were important then but are now gone? Probably all the above. Probably why I fill the silence with the news. But now and again it's not all that bad to bring some of it back, remember that different, yet at the same time similar, life of mine.

A really nice sunny day out there. Maybe a walk down to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar just to get outside. No desire of an ice cream bar other than you can almost always get your head around one. Some things don't require selling.

Time to stop now.

Indeed. I screwed up moving some of the files to artandlife and HereInOakland, one set going to the other and it's been frustrating clearing the browser caches, testing and retesting to see that I've fixed the errors. Which I've done, but frustrating, this Internet stuff.

I did get out the door and over to the 7-11 look-alike, but opted for the Chipotle peanuts for good reason, although I'm wasn't quite clear on what the reasoning was. Anyway, ate them all, but more slowly than I would the ice cream, they being “wicked hot” and all. (It says in red letters right there on the package.)

Evening. Another section of Latham Square photographs, another posting. Tripping right along. Nothing on television and I've been experiencing difficulty finding something I want to continue on the tablet. My list of movies in progress on both Amazon and Netflix don't grow any shorter and some of the entries have been sitting there half watched now for weeks.

Which means?

Which means we've reached our usual dead end on a Sunday and it's time to see if we can get to sleep early.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.