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June 19, 2014

Ways I Shouldn't

Thursday. A slow morning I'd have to say. To bed last night not long after nine. I did take a look at the Italian thing and, although it wasn't one of the impossibly young, dates his many ladies as he catches the bad guys story lines, it was still, well, maybe not say. It's always a revelation of our own personal idiosyncrasies, these ups and downs with fiction, than any statement beyond that.

Up somewhat slowly with the alarm, off to breakfast and back on a warm sunny morning, the Crab Cake Benedict breakfast, this time, with a side order of toast. Home to post yesterday's entry and take an hour's nap. Tired. No serious aches and pains, the stomach sour but not overly sensitive, up to take a walk around the construction site to find them pouring cement. Lots of cement.

OK, a quick walk up and down Grand, sneaking inside their perimeter fence to photograph the site from the far side, back along the lake to see the metered parking along Grand had been blocked off for a film crew and not for the construction operation as I'd guessed yesterday. Have no idea what they were shooting, but a number of specialized trucks, a fairly large feeding operation underway on my side of the lake and what I'm assuming was the shoot on the opposite side underway in the distance. I was pretty much walked out with this and sat on one of the benches for about ten minutes before going home.

Walking back I began seeing one of the little ocular sparkly things forming when I closed my eyes and so took another nap. Not sure if I got any sleep. The stomach again feels sour, I'm somewhat tired, but otherwise alright. It takes a while to get back to any kind of normal living after an operation something is saying. No arguments.

Evening. A slow afternoon - fine - we'll ease our way slowly into the evening. Maybe take a second pain pill and get to bed early again, although I'm wondering now about the description I've just read of the foreign detective program that starts at nine. I've seen this one before, an odd assemblage of multiple story lines put together in one package that has more often than not snagged my attention.

Keeping an eye (and ear) on the stomach (it gurgles), so far it's behaving about the same, we'll run another Protime blood test tomorrow and see where it now stands. Too many guesses at this point, not enough information. Flying blind in ways I shouldn't.

And babbling.

And babbling.

The photo up top was taken at the construction site the 2nd of this month with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.