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June 9, 2014

With The Alarm

Monday. To bed to read a short story by Haruki Murakami in the new New Yorker last night. I'd forgotten how much I like him as a writer. Very good. I may have to check for his other recent writings and read them.

And the chances of that?

They're real. Even with my much reduced reading habit I still have a number of his recent books, many of which I've read. It could happen.

Up half an hour after the alarm on a warm and sunny morning, almost too warm last night for a blanket. True heaven is living in an area where you sleep under blankets in the summer (fall/winter/spring). Just sayin. Off to breakfast and back to tackle yesterday's obese and scrambled journal entry for close to an hour. May well go back and read it again later, apply the “wince” test: wince more than twice and you need a rewrite.

Still, a good indicator of where my head was at the time when it was first written, how rambling, how incomprehensible the morning after? Putting something down and then not looking at it again until the next day. The wandering brain. We are a little wobbly compared to our younger iteration, but we also find all this we're now seeing interesting. So this is what they talked about when we weren't quite listening. Nothing particularly terrible yet, but who knows what may be coming? You read. You see. You should probably wonder.

People makes plans just in case, you know.

I know, but I try not to admit it.

Later. The usual walk over to the construction site to find them unloading rebar. Lots of rebar, all of which will be encased in cement, so lots more cement will be coming before they've finished the foundation. Just a short walk up and down the site before heading back to the apartment.

Yesterday I was rambling on like an idiot about not being hungry after breakfast until quite late in the afternoon. Not so this morning as noon was approaching, so on the bus to the City Center, a very crowded City Center, and so a walk then on to Genji's for their chicken salad. I like their chicken salads. A bus home (it was running well over ten minutes late, ten minutes being ten years in bus stop time. Back now thinking we'll play guitar and fiddle with a nap.

This aching sinus and palate problem is contributing more to the somewhat claustrophobic feeling while out on the street than any effects of aging. Interesting to see them all mix together in ways that don't allow you to know which is what. Still, a good walk, no complaints, just a little explanation here for the record.

Later still. Dear old humidity, it's up in the eighties right now with a temperature in the mid-seventies. Which means it's warm by my lights and we're sitting here in front of a computer screen at the edge of a sweat. Otherwise things are alright, particularly if it cools down later.

They did briefly block off our street this morning to break up the cement in areas that needed it after their run through on Saturday. I was thinking I may be walking to breakfast this coming Saturday morning when (I'm assuming, we haven't heard) they come back and start laying the surface, but we may have to start walking sooner than I expected. No big deal. I, as you may have noticed, don't drive much and the morning café (now that it's light) is but a short half mile walk.

I'd noticed yesterday they had bean dip again at the 7-11 look-alike, excuse enough to walk by the construction site to see how they were wrapping things up for the day, rebar everywhere, and then on to the store for dip, Doritos and diet Coke. And with this I would suspect we've wrapped the day as there's nothing on television later to play along with on the guitar. A decent week so far for guitar.

Evening. A good evening for guitar, although I'm not sure I'm not ready to eat any more bean dip in a while. Best not to buy it because it's in stock rather than because you have an unexplainable urge to eat it. Whatever: it's done, gone, no regrets. Still some Doritos left.

Nothing on television, although I did watch one or two things I'm not going to admit to watching. Good for the time on the guitar, but otherwise to bed early this evening, maybe get up now with the alarm.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.