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June 6, 2014

The More Likely

Friday. I did skip the second episode of Unit One last night, went to bed at ten, but remained wide awake, didn't get to sleep until after eleven. Doesn't seem to have had an effect this morning, awakening with the alarm to head off to breakfast without second thoughts. Nice overcast morning that will soon clear, the apartment house construction crew busy constructing as I passed them by on the way home.

Friday, a day (in the olden days) for after work adventure to meet the weekend and so I went by the supermarket on the way home and picked up some sake. This is now our version of adventure: experienced inside one's toasty domicile, well protected from the outside.

There is a First Friday Art Murmur this evening.

When was the last one I attended, taken pictures? I might go just to see how my head would handle it. I fight going, but then slip right into it easily enough once I'm out the door. Still, I have history now, not hard to predict the outcome.

You're getting old.

And wiggy.

Later. And a walk down the hill to the construction site, a cement mixer delivering cement by the entrance across from my street as I arrived, a crane delivering more rebar along Grand, they're obviously planning to add another layer of cement to finish the base of the building. Lots of cement. Lot's of pictures.

On to the lake to find the four goslings waddling away from the shore in this picture after a dog had walked nearby, the adult geese keeping watch, the goslings oblivious to anything other than honked warnings from their elders. Probably for the best. Concentrate on eating, the adults will watch for danger so they can concentrate on growing and getting big enough to gain their feathers and learn to fly.

Back to the apartment to work on the photographs before taking a bus to the City Center for a pastry and coffee out in front of the bagel shop. The question I asked: what am I doing here? No answer. Said the hell with anything further and took the same bus I'd arrived on as it was returning along Broadway home, remembering to photograph the progress they'd made on the construction site since morning.

Yes, there's a First Friday in another couple of hours, but I have no doubt I'll stay inside, take naps and surf the web, even though First Fridays are more like the events I prefer where I can photograph people rather than Tonka Toys and ungainly birds.

Later still. And so (what else?) another walk over to the lake to stumble across a Snowy Egret who didn't appreciate my approaching so closely from the shore and took flight. At least his/her feet were in focus, the white feathers blown out (of course). I skipped taking any pictures at the construction site although they're still busy laying out rebar. I look forward to photographing the next round to see the next set of steps required in building one of these things.

Why would anyone care?

I dunno. Curious? Tonka Toys in action? Dementia?

Back at the apartment, evening on the way. I mentioned I went by the supermarket this morning and picked up three of the small bottles of sake and plan to consume them later. We're close to later.

Evening. Now, if we consume this sake I acquired this morning over a long enough period of time, from now say until bedtime, we'll surf through a nice, smooth, enjoyable evening without any noticeable aftereffects. Whatsoever. Right? Makes sense.

No First Friday tonight.

Not for me, deedle-dee-dee.

Still, it's been a while since I've done this. We'll see how it goes. The Protime blood test reading today was a little high and so we've been instructed to make an adjustment. The weight was right on target this morning and the blood pressure is holding. Three out of three means we'll do three of the small bottles of sake. Right? Kismet? Three's leading to three, rationalization aside. Astride.

Well, we ramble. Nothing on television, so we've started watching this Hellboy movie on Netflix, see what this guy looks like. Weird, but make with some intelligence, we will undoubtedly watch it through. Eventually. By the end of the weekend. Best we didn't buy more than the three bottles of sake (I emphasize three small bottles of sake) as I'd probably, if I had a fourth, be into it now.

A Midsomer Murders starting at eight, don't know if it's one I've seen before. There's a Danish detective series The Eagle at nine, a series I believe I've seen before and watched without losing interest so maybe we'll watch whatever episode is playing later. Otherwise to bed. With sake that seems the more likely.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.