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June 3, 2014

Have To Check
Tuesday. To bed before ten, to sleep not that long after. Good. What's this? At least two nights in a row? Two is about as far back as I'm able to remember (without checking the journal). Awake just before the alarm on another grey overcast soon to be sunny morning, my guitar lesson this afternoon, a prescription to pick up at the pharmacy and an ATM to visit. Three in one day. Complicated, I'd say, if I thought I could get away with saying it.

To breakfast and back to immediately (without thinking) start the laundry. The second two loads are now in the washers, the first two in the drier. That's four tasks in one day. Insanity one might say if one were shameless.

Later. Time passes quickly when you have a guitar lesson looming. A walk down to photograph activity at the apartment house construction site, stopping by the laundry room to empty the lint screen on the last two loads now finishing up in the drier. Good. In another thirty minutes the laundry will be done without psychological damage.

They're still digging holes and trucking out the dirt at the site, but seem close to finished with their digging. Lots of digging, lots of rebar in place, lots (I assume) of cement yet to pour. I have no idea what goes down into those holes - pipes, wires, holding tanks, teddy bears, apple cores? - but we'll be observing some of it we'll recognize soon.

A walk then to the lake counting the geese within sight: over a hundred. No goslings, but they could be anywhere, no reason to fret. And no pictures to get. Back to the apartment, the grey skies gone, the sun out and getting hot.

Laundry done, folded and hung, setting out for the guitar lesson in another hour. I'll probably blow off picking up the prescription since I'll be trudging around with the guitar, but we'll see. Feeling pretty good. Strange things can happen when you're feeling pretty good.

Later still. A bus downtown at one-thirty, getting off near the pharmacy to pick up the refilled prescription and then over to the Rotunda building for a raspberry shortcake cookie and coffee. I'd been planning to get a chicken salad at Genji's next door, but the prescription refill was under three dollars - you don't use a debit card for three dollars, right? I don't think you do, but I could be wrong - and spending the three dollars didn't leave me enough (I knew they had a minimum at Genji's) for the salad.

Still, the timing was good. Downstairs to the basement of the building where my guitar teacher has his music room (looks a bit funky, but they're closer to finishing the renovation) taking a picture or two as I was waiting. I liked the t-shirt, have no idea what they teach at the Freelove Music School upstairs, but their marketing and graphics seem right.

A walk when we were finished (yes, better, but far from perfect) to the ATM up Broadway. I'd arrived at the lesson wearing sunglasses, but couldn't find them as I was packing up the guitar and the camera to leave. Where in the hell had I put them? Climbing the stairs I realized the only place I hadn't checked was in the guitar case in the section where the guitar itself was stored rather than the side pockets and there they were. Another senior moment to mark on the board.

Anyway, along Broadway to the ATM, on farther to Grand to pick up a sandwich at the Subway on Grand and then to sit and wait on the bus, checking the smartphone bus app for the stop to see it wasn't due for at least ten minutes, deciding to walk on, maybe catch it if and when it caught up. Ended up walking all the way home, no bus, taking a couple of pictures at the construction site as I was passing.

Still, even with the negative sunglasses episode, the walk home with the guitar and the camera went without a hitch, a slight sore muscle twinge in the back maybe from carrying the guitar, but clear headed with lots of energy while I was walking and continuing now that I'm back. Go figure. I can't. Happy though. Hup (and that).

All these construction site pictures are getting more than a little old.

I liked the basement pictures. We'll see how the Tonka Toys wear. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, although I've started an apartment house construction section for the web sites. Still have to decide.

Evening. Nothing on television. Nothing on Netflix. Nothing I'm able to get my head around at the moment. Anyway. Still feel pretty good: clear headed, feeling like getting out on this bright and still sunny night. And, well, shoot pictures? Is our head spinning in little circles, dancing under yet to be seen moonlight? I suspect. To bed early (no doubt).

Nothing on the foreign detective series you like to watch at nine?

It's an Italian series. I won't even have to check.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.