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June 1, 2012

Yes We Will
Friday. A messy morning. To bed last night early, a decent enough night's sleep, up with the alarm and to breakfast and back from the usual place at the usual time. The messy started with Photoshop not wanting to load, it still thought it had a beta copy installed and the time you're allowed to use it had run out. OK, go through the deactivate process only to find the Adobe login screen didn't know my name or like my password. OK, settle down. I'm an ex-techie, rapidly losing his smarts, yes, but still able to manage a re-install. Dig out the disk. Another attempt to log into Adobe afterward and now finding, for whatever reason, it knew who I was.

Oh? And who are you again?

Enough of that. At this juncture we were still marginally pissed.

On then to the mix up with the bank. No need to describe the problem but the resolution started with a visit to the bank yesterday (no one was available), a long phone call today that was cut off without resolution and finally a walk to the bank branch again at ten to straighten it out with an actual person at a desk. Which I did, which they did, and all is well, but I'm wondering how much I had to do with the glitch that caused the thing in the first place and how much blame I had in the screw up. Ah, well. Nothing terrible, no damage done, just time having to be spent spinning on what are now older, more wobbly wheels.

Walking to the bank I passed by some of the goslings I've photographed in the past, all of them feeding like little eating machines oblivious to their surroundings, the adults keeping an eye out for any approaching trouble. Just snapshots taken in passing, but I was on the way to the bank and in no mood to take the time to shoot them right.

This is about the third time you've given us your pitiful little cop out.

It's not altogether clear how I'd like to get a better angle. I'll probably need to get down on the ground or some other similarly athletic solution: a different angle, a background that made more sense. Which means I've punted now, as you've said, for the third or fourth day in a row. Hi, ho.

Not good.

Well, screw it. We still have this new long lens to test. Maybe later this morning, early this afternoon.

Later. A bus downtown, why I'm not sure, arriving during the noon hour when the City Center was crowded and most of the tables filled. So across the way for a cup of coffee at a table out in front of Peet's before heading on back through Justin Herman Plaza on the way to catch a bus to, well, the morning café. I was hungry. Not many people either inside or outside at the tables (I hope they're doing alright in this damned economy), so I had a bagel with cream cheese and a scoop of ice cream. The coffee at Peet's was, well, lacking, very strong and lacking, and I may skip coffee now for the while.

One or two pictures walking home, the guy with the horn making his rounds, the goslings still grazing near the area I'd found them in earlier this morning, taking a similarly scattered picture. Hup!

Later still. Filled out my mail in ballot and set it aside for mailing tomorrow morning. Why did I leave it to the last minute? Am I in favor of the one dollar a pack tax increase on cigarettes? I once smoked - over thirty years now since I had my last cigarette - and smoking contributed to my father's early death, so I'm not so hot on smoking. Still. How expensive does a pack of cigarettes have to get before you create an entire criminal class that goes big time into smuggling? I voted for the tax. Sue me.

Did you know anything about the people you voted for?

The judges were a problem. I read their stuff on the web. I'm ambivalent about Dianne Feinstein, more blue dog than I like, but my vote one way or another isn't going to matter, she'll win the primary and the main. So I guess I'm OK with my voting. Voting for Barbara Lee was a no-brainer.

Evening. Some progress on the guitar while the sinus-upper teeth and palate were acting up. It usually keeps itself to the background, making its presence known with a low level dull ache, but now and again - lately maybe more now than again? - it steps to the fore as it has now. So an extra couple of the little pain pills while we strum along and listen to the news. We'll talk about his with the neurologist next month, yes we will.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.