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June 24, 2011

Up Against An Ocean

Friday. Another pretty good morning (cross our fingers and shut up). Hup! Hup! Awakened by the alarm, to breakfast and back by eight, the sky clear and the sun shining now as it approaches nine. Feeling pretty good. But again, let's let that lie, no need to jinx it . Not here on the vast steppes of sun drenched Oakland across from The Rainbow City. Certainly not.

I did put a bit of time in on the guitar yesterday, no forcing it, managed to avoid an evening ice cream run, no sake later at the sushi shop down the hill. Good. We are patting ourself on the back, but just a little, the energy required to stay the path wasn't all that great. Now, however, for the day ahead. We'll see how we stay on the path. On an always dangerous summer Friday in June.

Later. A nap, a good nap. Didn't think I was particularly tired, although I knew I'd not gotten all that much sleep these last couple of nights, but I lay down for a bit, just a bit, and dozed right off for over an hour. That's the way to nap, hope there are more like it in the future.

Otherwise not much going on. I walked out the door and crossed over to the lake to see what I could see, decided I didn't want to go any farther and returned to the apartment. Some short time on the guitar, just enough to say I'd made a start. A run then to the supermarket for soap, sake, sandwich makings and such; something I've been threatening now for the last two days, back now to listen to the news and finish this up.

The Gay Pride Parade tomorrow morning, I'll head over and photograph the Dykes on Bikes contingent as I have for what is now the fourteenth year. I'll have some collection when I'm done. Portraits of the Dykes and not necessarily their bikes anyway, portraits being my particular interest. Not a lot of difference between shooting the Dykes parade or the Carnaval parade or the How Weird Street Faire for that matter, it's all faces photographed in different costume. Works for me.

Later still. No walk today, but skipping a day is more a curiosity than the end of the world. I've piddled with putting together a couple of empty pages to drop Gay Pride photographs into tomorrow, assuming in doing it I'll get at least two sections, forty-two photographs and, with luck, a fair number more. Best not to be too confident, but the Dykes are on parade and out to be seen, photographers (mostly) welcome, what's not to work unless the (knock on wood) earthquake strikes?

My lunch-dinner consisted of two baguette sandwiches (boiled ham and Swiss cheese), one too many, but it's hard to not. Eat two. No damage done, but there's still cheese and crackers and sake sitting in the kitchen and many hours left in this day. And baguettes go stale in about the time it takes to bring them home, so it's easy to rationalize eating a lot of it living here at the ragged edge of civilization pushed up against an ocean.

The photograph was taken of a window on Grand near the corner with Broadway with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.