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June 22, 2011

I'm Often Wrong

Wednesday. Drove over to Emeryville early last evening to Ms. T's opening, took a picture or two, headed back home to futz around here for a while before going down the hill to have sushi and sake. I gotta stop that. Too much money and maybe, just maybe - we're not admitting to it yet - too much sake, but either way we need to clean that up.

I then slept in an hour later than normal, went to breakfast and back in time to pack the guitar and head out for the lesson. A mixed lesson, but progress. This learning to play the guitar is hard, but it's not rocket science. You play every day, you practice the moves you have to learn and no matter how impossible they may seem, suddenly you're doing them without seeming effort. (Another hup! hup! moment here in online journal land. Makes me want to frow up.)

So, the rest of the morning was spent uninstalling Photoshop and Dreamweaver after they blow blew up while installing updates. An hour on the phone with Adobe support the result of which was to uninstall and reinstall and then do the update routines (successfully). Just like that. Stuff happens, but stuff is behind us now and the rest of the day and the week are clear. Time for a walk, all this morning excitement needs a little exercise to mellow me out.

Just talking to hear yourself talk (write)?

Well, I need a walk. Whatever traces of excitement there may have been this morning, if there were any traces, don't seem to have left a mark. What the hell, it just came out.

Later. A walk down to the usual place for an iced tea and a salad feeling pretty good. Just two other people sitting out on the patio, a larger number of others sitting inside, not sure why. The temperature was much better and there was a slight but cooling breeze. A picture just to take a picture, another on the way home, one I've shot too many times. I either have to get really serious about taking one of these or blow it off. Think and wait for the right combination of light, people, shapes and whatever else may come to mind. If you have a mind.

So, it's three in the afternoon, more time on guitar I think, but playing hooky this time in the sense of learning to play a song not assigned for next week's lesson. Our interest doesn't seem to be flagging, although I have no idea what I'll do once I'm able to play this thing. Do you have to have a goal in mind other than learning how to play Layla?

You're never going to get good enough to play Layla.

That's what I said about the F chord and this four fret forefinger to pinky finger stretch.

Later still. So much for the afternoon. The day has gone relatively well, the usual somewhat less wonderful period in the late morning, but that was no big deal and passed right along. A snapshot I took the other day, by the way, thinking dogs disguised as raptors (in order to circumvent the no dogs allowed along the lake law) weren't all that unusual. Then again, about things like these, I'm often wrong.

The photograph was taken of the East Bay AIDS Walk today around Lake Merritt last week with a Nikon D2xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.