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June 5, 2011

Here In The Past

Sunday. I skipped out on my Korean soap last night after about ten minutes when I realized they'd jumped ahead twenty years in the story line (time enough for the kids born in the first segments to come of age) and it was going to places I've been before. I'll check in on it again, these “dramas” go on forever, but I've seen this play out recently on another series, the son thought lost brought up by those who'd spirited him away to save his (and their) lives, now to return and take his rightful place in the sun through brave deeds and righteous behavior, the fact he's the king's eldest son not a factor. I know this isn't leading to clarity, but bottom line: I got up, turned it off at ten, went to bed.

To breakfast at seven, no reason not to sleep in another thirty minutes if I can, home then to sit here, write this and follow with an hour's nap. An odd habit, get up early, go to breakfast, come home and get another hour's rest. An hour in the afternoon, no problem, I believe this is commonly understood to happen as you get to be my age, nobody is surprised. Writing about it ad infinitum is another matter.

Clouds and sun, they're saying a fair chance for more rain this afternoon and the weather report says rain through Wednesday. Guitar, I guess, I certainly got in my share yesterday, although a lot of it was noodling with things not assigned in this week's lesson. Practice is practice, right? Saying it sounds good anyway, there's undoubtedly a reason you aren't supposed to do it.

The barre chords are progressing, the first difficult tries seem to have rapidly become more easy, the sound is good, the number of attempts to get it right dropping markedly. Which means I suspect I'll be able to reliably play them by the end of the month. Progress. It's slow, but then sometimes it picks it up and steps on the gas.

Later. Well, hell. A second hour of lying down before getting up and looking through the photographs again to decide I did have another page of Carnaval photographs. Pretty close, anyway. So I put them up. Keeps me entertained, doesn't bother the neighbors, makes the day go more quickly.

A walk then, just to take a walk, but again down to the morning restaurant for a light lunch. I do have those blood tests tomorrow that require no eating twelve hours prior and no drinking for twenty-four, which is why I drove down to the local supermarket last night and picked up the usual two small bottles of sake. Predictable, I'm afraid.

The same routine with the walking, the double vision with things that were quite close - looking down at the ground as I was walking, for example - but everything else in the mid to far distance perfectly sharp. Sometimes it's the reverse. Still feeling funky, an amble to the restaurant and taking my time sitting out at one of their tables, a walk then back to the apartment. I'd checked to see if I could find the two small goslings and did, taking one or two pictures both coming and going. I spotted the four much larger goslings out on the lake looking as if they were doing well.

And another shot of this scene. Not great, not terrible, but, with the number of times I've passed by this way, the number of times I've shot this picture, very hard to know or say. We'll leave it at that. I was pushing my luck with the Carnaval photographs.

Feeling better, though, the head seems clear, the eyes OK; again, a not uncommon progression: the later afternoons and evenings clear. Pretty clear. Guitar, I think, I feel the urge. Stay inside this afternoon, do my guitar, see if I have any energy that kicks in later to make prints. Remember those prints I keep saying I'm going to put together for a show? You do? I must have mentioned it here in the past.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2011 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.