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June 3, 2011

Seems To Be Done

Friday. I finished watching Winter Bone last night on a Netflix DVD. I carp about my not watching many movies anymore - carp, carp - and I don't, often bailing on them after ten the first minutes, but Winter's Bone turned out to be something different, a “different” make of a common story. Common in the sense that there are only so many stories, archetypical all, and the differences between their various retellings is in how they've told. This one, set in a very rural, stylized over the top “hillbilly” south, was both unique and unflinching. My, my. I'll have to go back and get the names of the writer and director, see if it's based on a novel. I don't read much anymore either, but this one I'll buy and try. Yes I will.

So is it appropriate for small children?

All the violence is impending violence, violence avoided; family violence, if you will, but with the dial turned way up into the red. Stylized violence distorted with a Tarantino like twist. Which tells you nothing I realize, other than it isn't for kids.

So, to bed about ten after the movie, I seem to recall, a somewhat fitful night's sleep getting up at seven, off to breakfast and back (walking rather than driving this time) after nine. We do get up and out in the mornings, but sometimes we're late. On our clock of course, no one else is keeping score.

Cloudy, they're saying a chance for rain later in the afternoon or evening, a much greater chance for tomorrow morning. I'm planning on photographing the Art Murmur early this evening, this being the first Friday of the month. There are a couple of street festivals here locally over the weekend, so let's hope the rain, when it comes, if it comes, doesn't come when they're on the clock. I'd say crazy weather here in Oakland, but then, when I read about a tornado this morning that sucked up parts of a town in Massachusetts, I realized where the term crazy really applies. Massachusetts? Tornadoes?

Later. A better than an hour's nap. I needed that. Naps are good. In case you didn't know.

In walking to breakfast this morning I passed a series of these, put up by the family, put up by whomever in an attempt to locate their daughter. A little story unfolding here in the town of Oakland. She disappeared not far from here. Hard to put it into context. The homicide rate here is not great.

Evening. Looking like rain without the rain so I assume it's coming later this evening. A bus ride over to the Art Murmur area on Telegraph up beyond Grand, just one or two pictures as the odd brain salad double vision upper palate-sinus thing was doing its afternoon thing today after six. I wonder if this is the future? Has it moved in permanently, made a down payment on a house? But then I've wondered about that before without an answer. We'll see, we'll see. Let us hope if it stays it doesn't get any worse I does cut down on the options.

So, although I have that Korean soap coming up later this evening, we'll look to get a good night's sleep tonight and see how it plays out tomorrow. My mood is OK, the day has been, well, another day. I've gotten in some guitar practice, but the weather, the head, well, another day seems to be done.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2011 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.