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San Francisco 2008 How Weird Street Faire.

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June 11, 2008

Have For Lunch
Wednesday. Back from breakfast before eight, the air crisp and clear: I almost feel like looking through this pile of opened mail beside the computer and doing something about it. Renewing subscriptions, talking with Social Security, paying the annual car registration fee. We'll see. I'd say I'm curious “to see”, but I'm really ambivalent. I'm not sure it's a good idea to live a totally ambivalent life - it happens, maybe it doesn't happen, pass the potatoes please - although they say it keeps your blood pressure in line.

Interesting. I did all of the above before ten. I'd ask what's different, what this might mean, but I'm ambivalent about it and I'm more interested in what to have for lunch. Here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2008 How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/1000th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.