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San Francisco 2008 Asian Heritage Street Celebration.

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June 8, 2008

From Day One
Sunday. Breakfast at the usual place this morning just after seven, my waitress excited because the Oakland Warriors coach, who'd evidently come for breakfast yesterday around ten, suddenly showed up this morning sitting down outside in the sun at one of the tables. I don't follow basketball and I wouldn't have known the man if he sat down at a table next to me, but boy-howdy did he get the entire café staff excited. I suggested, as I was paying my tab, if they wanted to be cool (and maybe see him back), they should ignore the fact he was “the Warriors coach” and treat him “like anyone else” the way I recall it worked all those years ago in the rock and roll business, but then what do I know and why might anyone listen? What experience have I ever had with the bright lights in a big city?

Interesting to see how excited they became, though: a jump up and down where's a camera, where's a pen and something to ask him to sign? I wonder how they'd react if Brad Pitt walked in for a waffle? Or, you know (thump! thump!), his now very pregnant wife? Many things to consider here in Oakland before eight in the morning after breakfast. Would I, camera sitting there beside me on the table, have attempted a photograph of Mr. Pitt and his significant other? Probably not, trying to be cool and all, not being a papperazzi and all, but that would properly mark me, I suppose, as a (rank) amateur.

Yesterday came across as pretty punk. I hesitate to post in the evening if my mind isn't relatively clear and leave an entry until the next morning for another more clear headed look to make corrections. Morning for me is the best time for writing and the problem isn't that I wander off into the dumb, that's often quite productive territory, but that often, by the time I've finished the writing, my mind has become cloudy and my inner editor has long ago left to catch a movie. The same thing would reliably happen in my thirties when I was writing four hours a day in the morning. It isn't just that I'm getting older, although older, I think, cuts those four good hours down to something around two.

Anyway, this morning when I awoke, the legs and the heels still ached a bit, but nothing so far like yesterday. I ran out of the swell pills they prescribed for the sinus-head thing last week and maybe they would have helped with the aching muscles. A refill's on order, they'll arrive next week, but you wonder when keeping your life halfway comfortable starts depending on prescriptions.

I thought you said they didn't work?

I don't think they do, but you're willing to re-examine many things when the bottle is empty and you're experiencing symptoms. They say statins will make your arms and legs ache in some cases, but I've been taking statins for a number of years without issue. And aching legs and feet? Where'd they come from? Out of the blue? How long has this been going on without my particularly noticing and yesterday was just, you know, a spike in an ongoing problem?

So what's the answer?

A new set of doctors and a couple of months in Hawaii sitting out in the sun drinking colorful beverages, neither one of which will do any good, but one of which would be fun.

You've never been to Hawaii.

Some things you take on trust. Trust a month in Hawaii on or off a beach would be fun. I have similar convictions about the Virgin Islands, which I did indeed visit with my family in the fifties. I was too young in the fifties for colorful beverages, but everything else advertised was delivered from day one.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2008 Asian Heritage Street Celebration with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/1250th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.