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Oakland Carijama Parade

June 11th, 2004

Heat Up At Home
For someone who has been in class all week, albeit a blizzard of mind numbing acronyms class, I'm as tired or more tired than if I'd been spending long hours at the office. I'm feeling better now that I'm home in the middle of the afternoon and I'm thinking of taking a nap or watching the triplets of belleville. Or both.

Later. Watched belleville. Nice. Walked around the neighborhood down along the lake around the bird aviary (or whatever it is: lots of birds doing what birds do in June) and shot some pictures of, well, birds. Uninspired pictures of birds, but it was a leisurely walk and whether or not the pictures were good or bad didn't really matter. I doubled back to walk past the Grand Lake theater, have a cup of coffee at the usual cafe and walk by the ATM to stock up for the weekend before ambling home pondering art and life (and this and that).

My life has been a musing on art and life (and this and that). Which may be an error as most people spend their lives actually living their art and life (and this and that). The lot of the voyeur. Not sure that has a good sound, "voyeur", a good connotation, but what the hell, I guess it beats the crap you learn about by reading the morning paper.

So, this afternoon, although the head was aching (still) from the jaw operation some five years ago (The Prop Says®: if they suggest surgically moving your jaw forward to cure your sleep apnea shout "fuck that!" and run. Some of you may wish to play with the phrasing.), it was aching in a kind of lightweight twilight mode that's more like a halfway distracting high than an ache, so I was thinking of finishing my musing on art and life (and this and that) with a flask of that hot Sake and a slice of Green Tea cheesecake I like so well down the street at the sushi place. I didn't, I haven't, but the evening is young. I've been wondering what brand of sake they serve down at the sushi place, if it's easy to heat up at home and where I might buy some.

The banner photograph was taken at the Oakland Carijama parade with a Nikon F5 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens on Ektachrom 100s and processed by New Lab in San Francisco.