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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Recent Oakland Ladies and Gents Who Lunch.

June 19th, 2003

(I Hope) Better
Thursday. They had what they call a third Thursday after work concert today in the Oakland City Center, a band set up on a bandstand in the plaza, a dozen or so rows of folding chairs, the tables out in front of the surrounding restaurants sheltered under umbrellas filling in to the side, full of people drinking wine and beer, wine by the glass, wine and beer by the bottle, passers by stopping to listen. Two years ago when there was some money around they did these every Thursday of the month during June and July and maybe August, it's hard to remember. Living as close to the office as I do, I could afford to drop by, have a glass or two of wine and shoot some pictures and still get home at a reasonable hour. So that's what I did this afternoon.

A lighter crowd, compared to those two years past, but it takes time for people to learn about them, build up a clientele. Can't complain, it was nice, the weather warm, the band a jazz blues band with drums, acoustic bass, vibes and keyboard. No guitar. Is life possible without guitar?

I put a link to the blogger photographs to the left. Some are good, some less so. If we do more I'll do more and (I hope) better.

The photograph was taken at the Ladies and Gents Who Lunch happy hour at PCB.