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June 5th, 2003

The Thing Cancelled
So we had a Ladies and Gents Who Lunch Happy Hour yesterday at PCB. I shot some pictures. I'm always happy when I can shoot some pictures. Gwen's comment I didn't bring the really big (28-70mm, f 2.8 hot rod) lens is correct, I brought the (legendary) Nikon 135mm f 2.0 DC, which, all things considered, was probably more millimeters than necessary. That's one of the shots up top. Next time I'll bring the not quite legendary 75mm f 1.4, which I used today at lunch. These things require the proper tools.

Another long day, but Friday is coming. Not sure what's coming up this weekend, other than some sort of "Port Fair" in Jack London Square. I'll undoubtedly be there, but it sounds, somehow, unproductive. Unproductive. I said they'd not had the Oakland Carnaval parade - not really a "Carnaval" parade, by the way, it's promoted under another moniker - but I was wrong. They had it as they've always had it the day after the San Francisco parade.

Annoying. I wasn't feeling so hot that weekend. Tired after shooting the San Francisco parade, somewhat dizzy, but I would have driven the few blocks to the park to shoot this one. I read a story in the paper the following day, some trouble in the crowd toward the end (I would have been long gone), something about rude behavior and fighting. Not good publicity. Makes the mayor's "Welcome to Oakland" people crazy. The mayor's "Welcome to Oakland" people can get as crazy as they will, I just don't want to see the thing cancelled.

You're drifting.

It's happening more often.

The photograph was taken at an Oakland blogger's PCB get together.