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Wavy Gravy at the Berkeley Live Oak Park Fair

June 24th, 2002

I managed to get a page of the Dykes on Bikes segment up on artandlife over the weekend. Rough, I think, but I have plenty of time to refine the design and each individual image. Go back, rescan, futz around with balance and color. I occasionally go back and do a little rewrite here, but I don't touch the pictures and the very fact of artandlife sitting out there staring off into the distance will force me to return and make changes. The photos in the journal dissolve with the passing days, but a photo site just sits there radiating the statement I'm presenting my better work and the thought is best not stop, keep at it. (That sounds fishy. It's the truth, it was my thought working on it Sunday, but it sounds, well, overly smug and, well, fishy. Did I mention I go back now and again and rewrite? Did I mention why?)

I did take a break Sunday to walk down the street and see the new Spielberg - Cruise movieOakland Carnaval Parade Minority Report. It's a good movie, but beyond that it's no great shakes. Nice, kinda dumb idea special effects, but quite honestly, by the time I got to the point at the house on the beach when they were approaching the traditional and predictable climax, I got up and came back to work here. Understand I've done this three or four times recently, wandering off well into a film and that has more to do with me than the movie. Minority Report is well worth seeing. I don't think you'll kiss it and put it under your pillow to dream precognitive dreams where eye spiders skitter inside the walls, but you never know. You're reading this. You could have other odd habits. I will have to ask someone how it ends, though. Be embarrassing if the resolution has a punch that pushes the film into "preorder the CD" land, but somehow I doubt it. Spielberg movies have always had a hollow character, as if you could poke your finger through any part of them and find, well, air. I shouldn't write these things after I've had my evening whiskey.

Things are hectic at work, but I got in at a reasonable time this morning (an hour later than my usual insanity) after an extra hour's sleep and I plan to stay up a little later tonight and read the studio light review in the photography magazine I received today (while eye spiders scamper about the carpet). Blink.

The photographs were taken at the Berkeley Live Oaks Fair and the Oakland Carnaval parade.