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Under Construction
Oakland Carnaval Parade

June 20th, 2002

In Other Words
Thursday. This is a lurching week, lurching morning to night, day to day, Monday to Friday. Lurching is not unlike a roller coaster ride, you hang on tight, you are thrown to the left and thrown to the right, you grit your teeth, you hang on even tighter and when you get to the end, you stagger off into the crowd like a novice sailor come to shore after a full day at sea, the land lurching under your feet. It takes a weekend to just get your land legs back, a full weekend to pull your head together, a full weekend to get to the point you can enjoy a weekend in the first place and then it's Monday and they're strapping you back into the chair and you find yourself clutching onto the seat as the car moves up the steep incline and your mind is screaming "why in the hell am I doing this?" and you don't answer.

Now that I've done my daily "life seems overly hectic" routine, I should mention they areSan Francisco Carnaval Parade conducting an employee satisfaction survey at work. Last year I didn't participate because I didn't trust the outside firm conducting the survey to keep the information anonymous. MSW called me on that. How do you expect anything to change if you don't take a stand? I thought it over. I'd been a wuss. So this year I filled out the online questionnaire. They don't ask your name, but from the questions it wouldn't be hard to figure out who anyone was from their answers. Then I talked with some coworkers and they all expressed the same sentiment: it no longer mattered whether they trusted the company or not, they were going for broke. I don't know if management will be surprised by the results. I do wonder how they'll announce them when they're released in September.

I received a sales brochure from Santa Fe Workshops touting their photography classes and seminars in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. They didn't list any that particularly appealed or at least appealed to my current interests, but there must be groups out there somewhere who offer other classes, all of them lasting from a few days to a week, and flying to one city or another is no big deal anymore. And I'd like to take a portraiture class that stresses the technical lighting and equipment side. So why not? I'm taking two weeks off at the end of July, but I'm planning to spend it here and work on my photography site, but I can take another week as easily or not in the fall. I might like that. Lurch onward, in other words.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Carnaval parade.