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San Francisco Carnaval Parade

June 3rd, 2002

Wear Sun Glasses
The deadline on the project at work slid another day without causing the world to end. My world to end. When will I learn to take this stuff less seriously? Not today, I guess. I had some fun incorporating a web page into the project, bought two books on ASP (Microsoft has renamed it ASP.NET) and set up a small web site on a server I cobbled together and hid behind the dual processor workstation under my desk. Naughty, naughty, not supposed to use ASP (nasty Visual Basic running on a nasty Microsoft web server) on the company network.

Not supposed to run the Microsoft IIS server without approval from the powers that be. I did the setup by the book, of course, patches and updates and then more patches before cutting the network cable with a pair of wire clippers. Want to be safe. Not good to hose the company network by inviting the hackers in to crack my quasi-legal hidden under my desk not officially approved by greater powers web project.

Is this sufficient excitement to keep heart pumping and interest focused, nose pressed flat against this never ending job? I dunno. At least it's something. It will eventually lead somewhere, I suppose, out on the street being quite likely. Mumble. Shouldn't drink this damned whiskey when I'm writing.

I talked at length some time back about moving the boxes in the living room into the newSan Francisco Carnaval Parade storage facility. Haven't touched a one. I talked about renting a carpet cleaner to go after the spots Mr. Wuss left behind (poor little guy). Haven't done that either, although I'm really thinking this upcoming Saturday might be the charm. I've talked about what else? Walking to work more often? Haven't. Haven't lost (or gained) any weight either, hence the ongoing carping. Carp! Carp! Life advances at a furious pace, yet nothing seems to change. Or am I not making sense? Life continues at a furious pace and everything changes. I did get my photography domain up on an ISP and I plan to move the first files up this month. I'll put a link here in one of the journal pages when there's something to see. I guess that's good. I guess that's progress.

Let's see, ordered some reading glasses today, be ready Friday. Tired of this Armani rack I've had sliding off my nose for the last year. Didn't know anything about buying glasses when they sold me the Armani's, didn't know anything today when I bought whatever I bought, except these are smaller, lighter and seemed to hold to my nose the way they do in my imagination. The Ophthalmologist suggested I wear sun glasses in the bright light, as bright light can contribute to glaucoma and there's a slight yellowing of my corneas. (Might not have been the corneas, but there's some slight yellowing going on with something.) Haven't heard that before. I have never worn sun glasses. Don't want to wear sun glasses.

The photographs were taken at the Carnaval Parade in San Francisco.