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SF Gay Pride Parade.

June 27th, 2001

Starting Tomorrow
A day of moving web pages over to the new format at work. A lesson in links. Broken links. I learn through my mistakes. Mumble.

A Sony DVD player arrived today at the office. A nice one. I've been thinking (and probably writing) that I want to buy one, but I've finally done it. I'm watching the news at the moment, but later I'll dig out the manual and see if I have the cables to connect it to my high powered black and white television set with the extra wide 13" screen. (Yes, I'll buy one of the matching Sony color television sets to go with it, but later, after I've moved and know how much room I'll have for frivolous furniture. Murph! Sour grapes. I'll probably order one tomorrow.)

I own a total of two DVD disks, both old Hammer science fiction flicks, one I've been looking for forever and bought when I found it on the web, and another, from the same series, that sweet talked me into adding it to the cart. We'll see later if my memory is accurate on that first movie, the one with the great image of the horned beast silhouetted black against London.

I spent yesterday working with photographs, scanning a couple for today's entry. (I like the banner SF Gay Pride parade. photo, but like the color one here less. It's cute, but posed, and not what I'm after when I'm shooting. I said I'd run a couple of the topless photos, but they're not very good. One, of a young woman who was having her body painted and was quite happy to pose, commenting however to a friend somewhat nervously as I shot "I'm being photographed", not completely sure from her tone that this was necessarily a good idea. No reason to run that one. Or two. Or three. Unless, of course, they were really good, which they are not.) I was otherwise brain dead for words yesterday and made do with working on the new, one day to be launched, photo site. It's coming along.

I usually write these in the evenings and often find myself going back the next morning while I'm at work to spiff them up. Lately a lot. I'd like to rewrite more, cut out some of these alliterative adjectives. They get in the way. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Starting tomorrow.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade. The quote is attributed to an English professor at Ohio University.