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Wood sculpture in Oakland.

June 22nd, 2001

Belabor The Obvious
Today was spent building thirty rather simple web pages for one of the company sites. I realized, as I was completing the last two or three, that I hadn't actually talked directly with the manager who wanted this information posted, but with the web editor, the new, not yet comfortable with the web, web editor, who is responsible for this particular site.

Since I'm the overall webmaster (whoop!), I realized, when I got the request, that I'd have to do the work myself to get it up by Monday, since it involved using PhotoShop to process a number of tiff's into web optimized jpeg's, something the new web editor is not yet overly familiar with, so I set out on my own, full speed (naturally) ahead. It was Friday and I'd had twelve cups of coffee. Then I realized, after looking at the material (odd how much information you can process without really reading any of it), that maybe just a link to a downloadable file was all that was needed, no need to pick it apart and turn it into html, maybe that was all the manager really wanted in the first place.

All this boils down to, really, other than being a lame way to start off a journal entry, is first, Magnolia blossom off the balcony. I didn't stop long enough to ask the right questions ("By the way, is the poisonous snake that's curled up inside this bag you're handing me here so casually, still alive?" - those sorts of questions, the important questions you ask before you open the bag with some purpose in mind.), violating a first principle, so to speak, and second, I really didn't care, because doing the pages was fun. On the one side, wasted effort, company resources down the drain, on the other side, fun on a Friday in June. A precursor, perhaps, a first hint, of the coming decline of capitalism. Could be. If it's all wreckage in another ten years, you'll know where it started: Some guy in front of a computer screen. I believe having sex in the computer lab falls into the same general category: The decline and fall of capitalist corporate America, morale building aside. (An html sated, well fucked employee is a happy employee and therefore more productive, right? There are similar cogent and important reasons for the company to buy their employees lunch at the local brewery pub, but that's a different argument.)

Aww, come on, so I'm wandering, so what?

It's Friday. That's good. I've got a load of t-shirts in the wash. I've had my one drink for the evening. There is a parade on Sunday and I'm looking forward to walking along the lake when I go out for breakfast tomorrow morning. What more could I want? (A cat that doesn't pee so much, but let us not belabor the obvious.)

The banner photograph was taken in front of an automobile wrecking yard in Oakland near the waterfront. The Magnolia blossom was taken just off my balcony. The quote is attributed to an English professor at Ohio University.