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SF Carnaval parade.

June 10th, 2001

Something With It
I spent a good part of yesterday building a Carnaval page for this photography site I've been noodling with. This is the first page I've put together that makes any sense. I like the design and the presentation and for the first time I'm looking forward to seeing the project through to a finish.

I'm not sure if this is a beginning or an end. Do I build this thing and that's it, a tombstone on the web, or do I build this thing as a first step to something else? I've been here at this console for years now piddling along thinking of things I might like to do with the writing and the photography, the photography a side effort to get me out of the house and post some photos with the journal; the journal being, I don't know, something else. I still have only a general idea of why I'm doing it, although I think the reasons, some of them, at least, will become apparent with hindsight. Or is that hind site? Behind site. Beyond site. Lots of journalers get beyond site.

Building this site will require re scanning the photographs to post them as both thumbnails and larger images that are linked to the thumbnails and since I'll then have the new (and very large) scans, I'll also back them up onto CD's and make 8 x 10 prints on the Epson. Hard to show someone what you've been doing if you don't have prints, web site or not.

So, is this project an end or a beginning? I've shot a lot of photographs, but they've been a down SF Carnaval parade. and dirty exercise, something, as I said, to get me out of the house and to give me something to post here with the journal. That's not really accurate, but it's as good a description as any. I've shot photographs in the past, once when I was high school age and once when I was working on a magazine in the seventies with little more than a couple of sporadic rolls in between. I've never spent the time or had the energy to take it any further. Anyone who has followed this journal for a while (and there aren't many of you, let me tell you) knows I've been spinning my wheels here without any particular focus, really since the beginning. Time to travel along. No 404's, you understand, just a thought that maybe there will be more activity and fewer entries. I feel good, time to get off my butt and on with it while I've got the chance.

So, Sunday. Clear day, nice weather. I'm thinking of going to an artist's fair at a Berkeley park this afternoon and then finish off that Carnaval page later this evening. As I said, nice day, nice weather. Be good to do something with it.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade. The quote is attributed to an English professor at Ohio University.