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SF Carnaval Parade.

June 4th, 2001

Two Wusses
OK, the basics: My ATM card was at the camera shop. They were wondering why I hadn't come by to pick it up. Mumble. I did not visit a realtor. I did not clean up my bathroom, but I did clean up the area around my desk. The desk clean up was much needed and I don't think it would have happened had I not been avoiding the bathroom. So I say OK. Fifty eight years old and I still can't keep my room straight.

I did run 20 or 30 large prints off the Epson 2000P photo printer. The black and white turns out better on the 2000P than those produced by the Epson 1160 color printer with the special third party black and grey inks. At least I think it does. I'm ordering another of this third party vendor's package of assorted papers over the phone this week for further testing (paying attention, this time) so I can ask if I'm doing it right. The idea of a dedicated black and white printer with special inks and software sounds great. If it works. Why do their prints come out with a brownish tint on the Epson photo paper when the same paper comes out jet black on the 2000P? Mumble.

Still, it was fun. I haven't been having fun print making now for some time.

Work has been a blizzard of converting my not wholly by the book HTML pages to a new more by the SF Carnaval Parade book format by setting up basic things like a simple document management system, now that we will have many more people putting content up on our internal company web sites. This is a matter of sitting at my computer in mad rush mode, the mind submerged in a land of its own, coming up for air now and then for a quick walk to clear the head. Reminds me of full time writing, probably why I was attracted to the web in the first place. This is all good, I suppose. I'm learning the hard way as I go through this reformatting process since I'm setting up standards by redoing a stack of pages and then discovering I need to redo them again because I didn't have this or that template in place and then having to redo them again because I should have read the Dreamweaver manual and, you know, stuff like that. The only way I've ever learned anything, really. Make mistakes. Stub the toe. Type along the edge of repetitive stress.

It's Tuesday, the week isn't even half over, and I'm wondering where's the weekend. What's coming in the way of parades and festivals? The gay pride parade at the end of this month, but where is or was the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival parade? Cherry blossoms. Spring, right? Last month, month before last? I was probably all spaced out thinking up ways to not clean the apartment when it swept by, unnoticed, unshot, by the terminally unconscious moi. Two wusses in this house, I think.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade. The quote is attributed to an English professor at Ohio University.