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Here In Oakland

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July 24, 2017


Monday. Don't really remember when it was the lights went out last night. I assume before ten and I must have gotten to sleep reasonably quickly as I awoke just before six in time to listen to the KPFA five minute newscast before Democracy Now started. So no complaints. Up and out the door to walk to breakfast, taking this picture for no particular reason, but then that's been the norm since all this started.

The oatmeal with toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, taking my time over the papers and then walking in good fettle on home. For some reason I took pictures of the trashed bicycles that mark the route. Such is life.

The root canal this afternoon (my first), so we have something on the schedule. Well, a couple of other things on the schedule as well, but the root canal, how to get there and find parking, how we'll be feeling on the way back home, seems to have elbowed everything else aside.

Such is life.

Later. A bath before heading to the dentist in Berkeley, setting out early in case I had trouble finding a parking spot, but ran across a parking garage around the corner I hadn't seen on my first visit. OK. There early, as I'd been early the first time around, but they were able to take me right in and start when I entered the office.

And that was it for the next hour. No pain involved, even the injection went in quite easily, and so done and out the door to drive home and turn on the PBS Newshour. The molar area is still quite dead, but they said it will begin to ache and may take a few days to settle down. I turned down their Ibuprofen offer since I have the Tramadol. I'm guessing dentistry has come a long way and I lucked out to have a root canal today rather than, say, when I was a teen.

Been a while since you were a teen.

More than a while.

Evening. So far, so good. Eight o'clock. Took a dose of the pain meds thinking I'd head off whatever was coming three hours after the root canal and now, five hours later the sinuses that were acting up are still acting up at about the same degree, but no sign of tooth ache.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

It's my mouth that has my attention at the moment.

The photo up top was taken after arriving at the dock on our Sunday trip on Puget Sound the day after the family party with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.