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Here In Oakland

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July 6, 2017

Quite Else

Thursday. A bit creaky waking up this morning at five-thirty, the sore shoulder I'd picked up didn't really go away until I'd set out for breakfast. Nice clear day, though, the temperature fine, the weather people saying it will get warmer than it's been lately by noon. So good. I guess.

Walked to breakfast, the East Bay Times thumping against the apartment building front door as I was descending the stairs. So good twice. I guess.

The Eggs Benedict for breakfast with the usual fruit cup and coffee while reading the papers. The “creakiness” of the morning gone by the time I was walking home taking the usual pictures. Again, bright sun, a decent day ahead (if it's not too warm).

Bitch, bitch. Too hot, too cold (and these days maybe too old).

Later. Thought about a number of ways to put off getting the car serviced before setting out next week for Portland, but somehow managed to talk my butt out the door to drive to the Honda dealer. The car wasn't due for a service, but I wanted them to check the jammed CD player that sits under the front passenger seat to see if it could be fixed (they let me know there's a small chance of that, but they'd check) or if they can at least salvage the CD's and just junk the unit. Can't see replacing it, as the Element is wired for an iPod, one I've owned and used since I bought the car. A factor in buying the car.

Still, to the dealer and then a bus to the City Center where I had a bagel with cream cheese and coffee. Hungry enough to eat the bagel and cream cheese although I usually avoid it. Been avoiding it now for some time.

A bus home and so here we sit. Took but one not very good picture when I was downtown and so maybe head over to the lake later. For now the fan is blowing and I'm listening to the news play in the background. The news. You wonder these days if they won't report something at breakfast that will kill you before noon.

Now, now.

I don't really mean it except for those times when I do. Is it that times get even more interesting as you get older or the much younger I wasn't paying attention back then?

Later still. They're saying no way to salvage the car CD player so I'll pick up the car tomorrow and just leave the unit sitting under the passenger seat. Evidently you can't really open the thing without destroying it if it can't/won't open itself.

Evening. A walk to the burger drive-in to bring home a grilled cheese sandwich and eat it while watching television, watch more of an old movie on the tablet to realize I'd thought it good when I saw it when it was first released in the theaters and now found half the dialog dumb these many years later. Interesting to see how the culture changes over time turning what was then reasonably main stream hip into something quite else.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.