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July 3, 2017

Long Ago

Monday. I wondered if the “tiredness” I was experiencing through yesterday and into the evening would allow me to go right to sleep and so lights out before ten to then conk out almost immediately and awaken this morning just before six. Question answered. Hard to tell how this day will go just getting up, getting up is easy enough, but it tends to be fuzzy. Still, up and out the door this morning to walk to breakfast under an overcast sky. They say today will be much like yesterday. San Francisco summer weather.

The oatmeal with toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, the streets and the day looking like a formal holiday without traffic and people. The walk back to the apartment was cut short when a bus and I arrived together at the stop across from the Grand Lake theater, so home without undue effort. Are we tired? Can't say we are, more than usual, anyway. Doesn't matter, we'll know in another paragraph.

Later. Still the sinus-upper palate acting up and so another dose of the pain meds, but none of yesterday's fatigue. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. I'll take today's other.

A bath and then a bus downtown to take a couple of pictures of the 17th and Broadway building construction site, go by the Rite Aid store to pick up vitamin B-12 and a package of Chapstick and then on to the City Center thinking, if not for lunch (I wasn't hungry), but to pickup a box of Good & Plenty at the convenience store.

Lots of people about during the late noon hour and so not everyone is taking a four day weekend. A number of the restaurants were closed, however, so there were lines at those that had remained open. The convenience store was one of those that had decided to close.

Sat at a bench for a few minutes, thinking the return bus wasn't due for a while, but checked the NextBus app on the phone in case I had the time wrong. NextBus said I indeed had the time wrong and the bus had just then gone right on by.

OK, twenty minutes for another bus to come along and so walked up Broadway to go by the ATM and then thinking the time would be right to catch that return bus across from the bank. Except the bank ATM was shut down and so had to enter the bank and get the money from the one working teller. Ten long minutes in line and the bus I'd thought to catch passed by as I was exiting through the door. Hmm.

A walk to Grand to take the obligatory picture of the road work at Harrison and then on at the entrance to Children's Fairyland before crapping out and sitting on a bench to rest for ten minutes. Five minutes. On to the 7-11 look-alike, still no Good & Plenty, but picked up an ice cream bar, something I would eat even if I wasn't hungry. Slightly light headed in a need for food sort of a way, but not hungry. Go figure. It tasted good.

Home now to apply Chapstick (the lips have been a peeling mess now for too long), listen to my usual news programs and vegetate for the rest of the day. The dental surgeon's appointment Wednesday. Maybe he'll find something to help relieve this upper palate business, but for now we'll experiment with another dose of the pain meds.

Later still. The pain meds kicked in. I haven't taken quite this many in the past and there's only so many you can take before they'll kill you dead they'll make you wish you hadn't, but it is better having the sinus-upper palate pushed this far into the background. Still can't say it wasn't time but the meds, but I suspect it was the meds.

Clear headed, more than enough energy and so taking care of little things around the apartment, things I have to force myself to do when the clarity and energy were absent. Well, less present.

Evening. Half listened to the Bernie Sanders speech on Democracy Now!. One does that here on the left end of the spectrum.

Is that all you can come up with here when you're feeling “clarity and energetic”?

I guess. Watched Father Brown at seven without flinching. Mostly. Watched “the last episode” of the Inspector Lewis that followed at eight and couldn't really tell if I'd seen in before. I hope I haven't because, if I have, it couldn't have been all that long ago.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.