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July 21, 2016

To Portland

Thursday. Lights out at a decent hour to get what I'm guessing was a good night's rest, awakening fifteen minutes before six to take my time getting ready to walk to breakfast, the sky looking like it was going to allow some sun sooner than later. And it did, walking home later. Nothing on the schedule for the day.

Posting yesterday's entry I discovered I'd somehow screwed up the posting of the day before that's entry. At least the web site didn't contain any of the journal files. How did it happen? The routine, the sequence I'm so buried in, you'd think wouldn't allow me to forget. Or miss. Or whatever it is I did. I always check, but, if the files weren't posted, yesterday I didn't. Check.

OK, a memory glitch that's more than caught my attention. A bad day yesterday? Not that I remember. Forgetful? Maybe, but don't think so. Hmm. Life in the ditch, but confusing it for the fast lane.

You don't consider your present existence as taking place in the fast lane from what we're reading.

Haven't thought of it as being in the ditch either. At least most of the time. More just, you know, keeping in the right lane maybe five miles an hour or so slower than the traffic signs allow.

Later. A walk to the post office to immediately then a walk back by the lake, taking a picture if only to say I'd taken a picture, detouring by the burger drive-in to pick up a grilled chicken sandwich to bring home for lunch. Hungry. It was a good grilled chicken sandwich.

And then a nap. Figured I'd just lie down for a while and listen to the radio, but then turned the radio off to awake later in the afternoon before three. I'd read there was a “student march” forming up in front of the City Hall at three and a second “demonstration” this time in front of City Hall scheduled for five and I'd been considering going to that second one at five, debating what camera and lens to bring.

Since I'd awakened at close to three, photographing the march was obviously out, but the gathering at five? Still quite light at five in the afternoon, can't use darkness as an excuse. Hmm? Miss some of the Republican convention you've not been listening to anyway? I'm guessing I'll opt out, but who knows? I never really know.

You're attendance record in going to these is pretty miserable.

Evening. I learned late in the afternoon I need to drive to Portland tomorrow and so spent the rest of the day preparing, doing the laundry and going through the list of tasks I'll need to get done before setting out. Put a hold on the mail, take care of the newspapers, let the apartment manager know, charge batteries, put the new registration sticker on the license plate, pack the cameras and the prescription meds along with everything else. What else?

Not sure I have everything I need installed on the laptop in order to post on the road, but breakfast tomorrow at the usual time and then on to Portland.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.