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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 16, 2016


Saturday. Lights out before ten after listening to the news, more out of habit than any real interest. The coup in Turkey seems to be failing, the truck slaughter in France seems to have been done by a disgruntled loner of no particular persuasion and the Republican convention is due to start Monday in Cleveland. That's enough to know for the moment, no need to listen to more on the matters until each story has further evolved and needed attention can be paid.

All of which means?

Lights out by ten, awake at six, up feeling pretty good if a bit slow at the start (blood pressure 110/88), but the overcast day picking up the sun while walking to breakfast. An Anime & Cosplay Festival to photograph in Japantown later this morning. Sounds good. Haven't started fighting the idea of heading out yet. Might not fight the idea at all and just go right through the door without a fret. I might.

Later. Physically tired from all the running around, but otherwise in good shape: on the whole clear headed, no ocular symptoms, good energy, no complaints. Not bad. Not bad at all.

A bus to BART, a train to San Francisco and a bus to Japantown to find Post hadn't been blocked off for this one and the Anime & Cosplay Festival had been limited to the area around the stage. Still, lots of people in costume and pictures to be had. I'm guessing I'd simply forgotten last year's festival was set up the same.

Well over an hour's shooting plus twenty minutes to sit and have ice cream at one of the interior shops. Too much time spent taking pictures of a group performing in one of the stage contests, too many in the sense most of the pictures were less than wonderful, but I seem to have gotten two sections of photographs, the same number I was able to come up with last year. We'll skip focusing on stage pictures in the future, they get in the way of the photographs I'm after.

Nobody's going to understand what you're talking about.

Candid portraits of people not yet aware of the camera, no posed pictures (except now and then).

A bus again to BART, BART to Oakland where I had a chicken Caesar salad and a lemonade at a table in front of the bagel shop, checking out the tag end of a party being held over in front of City Hall for what I assumed were a group of children on the way to catch a bus home.

Evening. I guess the trip to Japantown was enough to drain any energy left in the day. Didn't process more than half a dozen pictures before putting them off until tomorrow. Watched television, skipping in and out of the Law & Order series that plays throughout the day on Saturdays. The problem is it deals with sex crimes and crimes against children and some of the episodes I'm not able to watch for the nature of the crime they're trying to resolve. Too icky.

So to bed early, the day having gone well otherwise. Physically tired after getting back from San Francisco, but that's to the good. We'll see if we can at least get in something similar, say a long walk, tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Temescal Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.