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Here In Oakland

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July 12, 2016


Tuesday. A less than even night's sleep, although I suspect it was good enough to call successful. Awake before six to take another (what else?) blood pressure reading (138/82), having taken the blood pressure med again last night, another reading of 114/80 taken twenty minutes later as I was heading out to breakfast. Thus it goes.

Anyway, overcast, a bit cool but bearable in a long sleeved shirt and light weight jacket. Some sun now as it's approaching ten. (109/80 when I got home.) Nothing on the schedule today although, after talking with my sister on the phone last night, I'm thinking of driving up to Portland next week for a much delayed visit. But we'll see.

Later. The usual walk over to the lake to take a couple of pictures, catching the Snowy Egret too late to get a decent picture as it flew off when it saw me with the camera, its feet the only part of its body in focus. Maybe not use that particular lens again? Test its focus?

Otherwise, after this very brief trip, back to the apartment to futz around doing little or nothing, watching this and that on the tablet, listening to the news on the radio and now on television playing in the background, its screen invisible from where I'm sitting here at the computer. I guess news programs to me are like spoken Muzak, something that catches my attention now and again, but otherwise is just, well, noise. An ever present sound in the background.

Still taking blood pressure readings when I think to do it, they're running from 104/69 to 125/80, the 125/80 just now in the afternoon at three. We'll work it out, maybe take one of the half doses every thirty-six instead of every twenty-four hours. Better write it down on the calendar, though. Probably not something you want to screw up too often.

Later still. Feel pretty good, maybe the second dose of pain meds taken a couple of hours ago was a factor. You hope not, but the sinus-upper palate problem has been very quiet for the while. Sometimes it backs off on its own, sometimes I think the meds are a factor. Maybe you never really know.

High seventies today, sunny, not straying an inch out the door since walking over to the lake earlier.

Evening. The All Star game. Forgot about it, but stumbled across it eight innings in, the American League up by two runs. Ah well, more games to come.

Nothing I want to watch on television and so another blood pressure test (126/88), figured I'd take another dose of the meds tonight, the normal prescribed one a day dose, and see what it looks like tomorrow. It does at least keep us focused.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast today with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-72mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.