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July 10, 2016

At Ten

Sunday. Another what I'd have to think was a decent night's sleep, awakening at quarter past six, better than yesterday, but not the six on the dot at which I'd like to awaken. No complaints, as I don't set the alarm, more out of curiosity as to how close to the same hour I'll awaken without using one. I'm assuming it's a way to measure how well the night has gone? Awakening at the same time on the dot?

Bright sun this morning. Looks like it's going to be warm. A drive to breakfast to arrive well before seven and finish the papers over breakfast well after eight. Photographed the two cent drop in gas prices and then home to check the blood pressure: 94/70. I did skip taking the blood pressure med. Now let's see how the day goes and where the pressure goes as the hours pass. I don't seem to feel the “tiredness” of yesterday, even though the pressure is almost as low.

Later. One-oh-three over seventy-six at eleven-fifteen, still low, but certainly closer to functional. Be interesting to see how much higher it goes when more of the effects of the blood pressure med wear off. Meanwhile, what's happening this sunny Sunday near Lake Merritt?

A walk with a longer lens on the camera to the lake to find a Great Egret fishing for lunch. Took a dozen or more pictures, finally nailing him with a small fish in his beak. I suspect the nightmares of small fish, if small fish have nightmares, are inhabited by Great Egrets.

Thought about catching the bus downtown returning from the lake, but felt it better to take a camera with a shorter lens if I did, so back to the apartment to process the lake pictures and then catch the noon bus to, I was thinking, Jack London Square. The idea didn't particularly appeal, but the City Center and City Hall area are dead on a Sunday. Then I saw these and got off the bus at Latham Square.

Took a set of pictures and then walked on by the City Center entrance to see if anyone was open. Looked like Panda Express was serving, their outside tables in place, but decided to return on the now coming bus. Same old debate. Hungry, but what to eat? I'd have laughed at the thought this would be an issue when I was young(er).

Caught the bus back home, taking the blood pressure again the minute I got inside: 118/81. That's pretty much normal, although the pressure will usually be higher if you take it just after walking up a hill. It's been six hours since I usually take the med, but assuming some good part of it is still in effect and the reading will grow over the coming hours.

Later still. The sound of drums from the lake and so another walk over to find a large group of people by the pergola and other groups scattered about having picnics. But one picture, not a very good one, plus another of that same Great Egret, still fishing where I found him earlier. The temperature had now climbed to eighty-three degrees in the later afternoon and so I decided it was time to go back and turn on the fan. Oh, and the blood pressure was 117/74 at what was then five-fifteen. Be interesting to see what it will be in the morning.

Evening. Watched an early episode of Elementary at six, one I've seen before, but remembered even less of the plot than usual. Which was fine, made it more interesting and added the interesting question as to why I remembered one scene clearly and not another at all.

Nothing on television and so to bed not long after eight, checking the tablet for something to watch without success before lights out, realizing I could still hear the drums sounding from the lake as it approached ten, the final blood pressure reading of the evening 118/75. Drumming from the lake at ten?

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.