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Here In Oakland

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July 5, 2016


Tuesday. To bed early, in retrospect thinking at the time that I was going to lie down for a while and then get up to at least turn off the computer and external hard drives, if not watch something on television, only to awaken at quarter to six this morning and notice I'd totally forgotten. To get up and turn them off. No damage done, but I was obviously off in a cloud last night, drifting rather than thinking. Still, a good night's sleep, I'd guess, if guessing counted.

Overcast, they're saying cooler through the rest of the week, as I was walking to and back from breakfast. Nothing on the schedule for this week, but after yesterday's hibernation inside here in the apartment, I suspect we'll get out and do something. Something is something.

Later. OK, another slow morning and afternoon. There was a package due between ten and two (they claimed), but it was delivered after two and the UPS driver didn't alert me by buzzing the apartment. leaving the small package instead under the mail boxes outside the apartment. Which they've done more times now than I care to count. Why couldn't they at least buzz the apartment?

As said, this has happened in the past, and so I've learned to check the UPS web site now and again to see if it says it's been delivered and indeed, at two-thirty, that's what it said. The two camera batteries Nikon had sent to replace older batteries that didn't quite work with a new camera having finally arrived, it was on then with camera and jacket to an ATM, not quite sure which ATM, but out the door after all the waiting.

Ended up on the bus to Broadway, thinking with the new bus schedule, a return bus would be coming along in five or so minutes after I'd reached the bank instead of the usual close to thirty, which it did. Nice. Easy. I'd been thinking of staying on the bus to KFC by the theater, but opted instead for the the café by the fitness center, getting an ice cream sandwich and coffee. Not much food, but it seems to have been what was wanted.

Now approaching five. Feel well, still no thought to do this or that, we'll maybe just sit around for now and see what happens.

Evening. A PBS program at seven, British, a rookie policewoman joining an all male misogynistic almost to a man police department. Competent woman, incompetent men. Again with exceptions. Hard to make out exactly what was being said due to the accents, some part of which may have to do with my hearing. Watched it.

Opted for bed instead of Charlie Rose, but made it a special point to shut down the computer after this morning. There really aren't days anymore when I don't forget something, a small glitch noted in passing, but some days are more populated with them than others. We're thinking they're part of the adventure, this growing older, but at the same time crossing our fingers.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.