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July 30, 2015

With That

Thursday. Lights out before ten with the fan running at the foot of the bed, up with the alarm this morning and so (I'm assuming) another reasonable night's rest, although my assumptions don't have much of a track record of late. A walk to breakfast on another overcast morning, they're saying lower temperatures today, a walk back to edit yesterday's entry and discover my FTP software hadn't gone through yesterday's upgrade to Windows 10 in one piece.

Checked the FTP software site, downloaded the software again, installed the stuff and then futzed with it for a good twenty minutes before I could get it to operate and do my posting. OK, seems OK, but a first “glitch” in the Windows 10 upgrade. I'm still liking it, it's nothing like the shock the Vista upgrade delivered when it first appeared (I skipped Windows 8 altogether, like 7 a lot), so we'll still give it passing marks. I'm guessing, still not knowing how it integrates across computers, tablets, smart phones, game consoles and the like, it has a chance of success.

There's a Medicare 50th anniversary celebration scheduled at eleven at Frank Ogawa Plaza I plan to attend, so we'll take the Latham Square pictures and pick up another prescription refill as well. Our never ending prescription refills. A time and place to celebrate Medicare and our own luck in dodging the various medical bullets we've had sent our way in this life. Pictures, at least.

The Oakland Art & Soul festival this weekend. I do need the pictures. I've been running and probably rerunning the Anime images for far too long. I'm sure I've made errors in linking some of them more than once here in the journal, as finding ones with the correct dimensions to fit up top is always a problem. So good. Art & Soul doesn't produce tons of pictures over short periods the way the costumed events deliver, but I'll be shooting for two days and should get enough.

Later. None of the symptoms appeared that I experienced when I set out for the 7-11 look-alike yesterday at noon, setting out this late morning for Latham Square, taking another set of pictures when I arrived after eleven-thirty and then walking on to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription refill. Still felt tired, still had the sinuses rumbling in the background, sensitive perhaps to the temperature and air quality, but otherwise OK. Better than yesterday. He said.

Oh, and there was indeed a large crowd in front of City Hall carrying support Medicare signs, institute single payer signs and medical coverage for all signs. Another group had set up tables supporting Bernie Sanders and there were a number of union contingents in printed t-shirts supporting Medicare and Medicaid. And so, after a cinnamon bun and coffee at the City Center, photographs.

Evening. Another Windows 10 glitch. Lightroom started freezing up when moving an image into “Develop”. Doesn't work if you can't “Develop” the image and so some running around, finally downloading the latest video card driver and then disabling the card's graphic processor. I suspect there's another video card in my future. Video cards take on a certain importance when you're a photographer.

Tired this evening, a bit tired through the day, and so pretty much crapped out after dancing with the video card issues and skipped the Inspector Lewis episodes at eight, but watched the beginning of Vera at nine-thirty before deciding watching it through was going to make it too late and so gave up and went to bed. So what kind of day has it been? Wasn't the worst, wasn't the best.

You can't complain about the Windows 10 upgrade. You knew what you were potentially getting into there.

We knew what we might be getting into with that.

The photo up top was taken at the Anime and Cosplay Festival Saturday in Japantown with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.