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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 28, 2015


Tuesday. Ah, well. We have clearly entered a certain ding-a-ling phase of our life and shouldn't be too upset when the writing disappears around a corner and comes back covered in mud. This (what else?) after struggling with editing yesterday's entry before posting and deciding the above. Ding-a-ling. We're still able to walk in a straight line and take pictures, the vision hasn't been acting up in some time and we can still accurately count our change at the check out counters. Most of the time.

To bed early enough and I'm guessing we got to sleep at a decent hour, awakening at six to get up and out the door on another clear morning. They're saying this is a Spare The Air Day and so we'll not run any marathons. Any excuse to pull in our horns, maybe, restating the above.

The above?

The above, the below; the rain, the snow. This a sign the day has started well and we're feeling perky rather than there's been a break in the system and all the fuses have blown.


Later. It is warm out there, tolerable in a t-shirt if you're walking in the shade, but less so walking under a direct sun and so home now with all the doors and windows closed not long after noon. Maybe get something done in here, maybe not, we're not ready for decisions.

An eleven-thirty bus to the ATM on Broadway, a walk to Latham Square to take another set of pictures, a walk to the bus stop to return to the apartment house construction site stop to have an iced coffee and a chocolate chip cookie at the café located at the corner of Bellevue and Grand. OK, over to the construction site to take a set of pictures and then back to the apartment to (again) shut the doors and wait on a cooler evening. No complaints. No, really: no complaints, the day has started well here in Dingle-Dell.



Later still. The afternoon spent processing today's pictures and then updating the HereInOakland and artandlife Latham Square sections of the web sites. Some thought to take another crack at updating the apartment house construction sections, but the two new additions to Latham were enough to burn me out. We'll watch Democracy Now when it starts and play along on guitar.

Evening. Nothing on television (what I'm able to receive over the air) and so to bed and the tablet. I've managed to burn out on most everything I've been watching on the tablet, some take longer to fizzle out than others, but at least I'm consistent. Consistently.... Well, consistently something.

The photo up top was taken at the Anime and Cosplay Festival Saturday in Japantown with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.