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July 24, 2015

Turns Blue

Friday. Lights out early enough, but up a couple of times during the night to awaken finally at close to six-thirty, not long before the alarm was due to sound. Still, I'd say a good night's sleep, overcast as I was setting out to walk to breakfast, the sky clearing and the sun shining as I left the restaurant and immediately stepped onto the conveniently arriving bus. So a good start. We'll go with “a good start” as it does indeed seem to be the case.

I'd been thinking about that yesterday: how long since I've had any of the fleeting vision issues or an ocular migraine? Been a while, a good while, so maybe we should be thankful. It's so easy to forget how we went on and on about them in the past.

Not that we're superstitious or anything, but don't you think it best not to mention it? Challenging the gods to come back and bite you on the ass?

We are a modern person here. No superstitions and inhibitions. You understand.

I'd take care to bite my tongue after saying that.

Later. A bus to the ATM on Broadway, a walk then to Latham Square to take another set of pictures to find they were busy from the looks of it. Missed catching the return bus by about three minutes and so a walk to Grand to have a very small, but very high sugar content thing and coffee at the café beside the church, finishing as the next bus arrived. On to the apartment house construction site and another set of pictures. Just like that.

Home to, well, not process the pictures or write any of this. I did set up the recently arrived lens focus tool. Haven't gotten it to work quite yet, but an interesting time spent dusting, battery charging (discovered one I hadn't charged in a whole long time), setting up a tripod to hold the device, finding the camera plate (where in the hell did I put the thing?) and just generally forgetting this and forgetting that in stumbling around setting up the device. Frustrating and maddening, but productive. Odd to say that.

More time on the tablet, more time listening to the news, more time doing this and more time doing that. A good day, but a day of deviation from our routine, at least after arriving home from taking the morning photographs. Probably a good sign (if we don't count the “forgetting this and forgetting that” aspect of running that test).

Oh, and the one lens and camera I manged to test seem alright, although I'm going to continue the testing tomorrow, test both cameras and three our four lens combinations. If I'm as klutzy as I was today it may take me into and possibly through the coming week to complete.

Now, now.

Again, an odd day, but a clear sunny skies without being over the top hot day, so we'll celebrate.

Evening. A New Tricks I'd seen before, but watched while playing along on the guitar. Not much guitar, but enough to remind me I'm way behind in the guitar playing/learning game, if I'm still keeping score. We still occasionally think about that.


Well, yes.

Otherwise to bed and the tablet. The current selection of movies I'm watching, movies and television series, ranges from lame to really lame at the moment, but we nevertheless persevere. Good ones do pop up, but then they're quickly consumed.

I ended up going back to catch up on the Poldark series that's been running on public television, one I started watching with the first and then second episodes (part of the second episode) before quitting, and now have decided the thing is worth continuing since they're available from PBS on the tablet. The ossified brain is still amenable to changing its direction, but only now and again when the wind inexplicably shifts, the wolves begin braying and the moon turns blue.

The photo up top was taken at the Anime and Cosplay Festival Saturday in Japantown with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.