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July 22, 2015

Alone Twice

Wednesday. To bed and to sleep without needing to leave the fan on through the night, awakening just before the alarm to get up and get out the door without much effort. A decent night's sleep? I think maybe yes. Why not? I suspect, overall, day to day, the sleep has been reasonably consistent and I've been the one who's been bitching where bitching isn't really all that appropriate. One hopes.

A walk and then a bus to the morning café for breakfast. Photographs of one of the two pandorea vines, both vines now in flower, and a walk back to the apartment, a shot of the construction that's been going for some time (it seems forever) of what is to be a food mart of some kind. Not sure what kind, but the original sign said it would be done in June. Doesn't look too good for June.

A high fog bank was rolling in overhead as I set out for breakfast, covered the entire sky when I returned and will probably break up later today for a warm, but one hopes not overly warm, mid July day. There's a demonstration scheduled for noon at Frank Ogawa Plaza, so I suspect I'll check it out right after taking the day's Latham Square pictures. So there's possibly stuff on our plate. Good.

Later. A pretty decent day. Caught the bus at eleven-thirty to Latham Square, taking both cameras just in case the demonstration turned out larger than those they've had recently scheduled during the noon hours and took a set of photographs along Broadway before entering Frank Ogawa Plaza. Not a lot of people about.

OK, a raspberry shortcake cookie and coffee in the Rotunda building (I got there just in time to take the last cookie - seems other customers like them too) before checking the Square again. Ah, well.

A walk to Grand, a bus to the apartment house construction site and another set of pictures I'll process later today, but probably miss posting them to the web sites for another couple of months. In that we're two months behind in posting now.

Back home, the picture processing underway after a desk clearing session, dumping crap that's needed dumping since way back, paying one last bill that needed paying by the end of the month. These sessions don't happen as often as they should and so I'll say a good day today, many things I've been dallying on and around having now gotten them done. Overcast again, but the temperature is nice.

You were talking about taking a self portrait, saying it was going to happen, how's that coming?

Now, now. A good day, no need to slow the momentum with facts. We did the preparation, we'll follow through eventually. We will. It's now four, it's the middle of the week, there's time yet (in the month).

Evening. A short session on the guitar while listening to Democracy Now. I suspect we'll skip the chapter of The Paradise followed after by another Death In Paradise repeat on Public Television. Hmm. Hard enough to handle Paradise once, let alone twice.

The photo up top was taken at the Anime and Cosplay Festival Saturday in Japantown with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.