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Here In Oakland

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July 15, 2015

Or Friday

Wednesday. Lights out by ten, awake thirty minutes before the alarm again to get up in reasonably good order and walk to breakfast on another overcast morning, bitching about walking as I was leaving and realizing all was well by the time I reached the bottom. Before I reached the bottom. As it had been yesterday and the days before. Predictable, if nothing more.

Came close, but no self portrait yesterday after listing all the reasons to document the added wrinkles and shorter hair. Still, we now have another day ahead. We do. Maybe we we'll follow through. Same with picking out a free weekend to travel to Portland. Closer, we are, we could easily wrap it up by evening. Or are we just babbling? After so many years does it matter?

Stuff going on, a device due for delivery today that allows you to fine tune the auto-focusing of the cameras, something I hadn't been aware of before, but immediately understood when I first learned it could be done, that it might indeed bring better focus to wide open closeups at parades and festivals. Looking forward to its arrival.

Later. I did manage to find the tripod cleverly stored between two book cases, so cleverly stored it took me more than a day to track it down. OK, the elements of a simple self portrait are coming together, we'll say we still have a chance to see it done today.

Clear skies and sun, a bus downtown before noon to take the usual set of pictures (the same three workers evident) and then catch the return bus home, thinking I'd do as I'd done yesterday and go directly home, take the apartment house construction site photos later in the afternoon when workers would be present.

A rationalization, of course, the sinuses aching, best to just get home and see if we can't get something going after a second dose of the pain meds. Again, aching, not real pain, but it grows wearisome and we get to the point we're willing to try rationalize anything that might help.

Later still. And finally, a walk to the apartment house construction site for pictures, to discover they'd begun coating the exterior of the building with whatever grey stuff it is they use in coating exteriors. Whatever they use in the next stage finishing an exterior. My, my.

Usually there aren't people present by the apartment house located behind the site when I take photographs, but there was a small group standing and talking this time and a woman from the group came over to ask who I was and what I was up to. She was the apartment house manager and I was taking pictures from her driveway and parking area. And so I explained and she seemed happy enough and so more pictures before returning home. My, my.

Evening. A Murder in Paradise I've seen before at eight, so I suspect I'll skip it. We'll see who's being interviewed on Charlie Rose, also starting at eight, so maybe I'll stay up for that. The package arrived with the camera auto-focus measurement device, so we'll get to tomorrow. Or Friday.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Demouria Hogg Demonstration on June 12th with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.