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July 1, 2015

Any Bets

Wednesday. An uneven night's sleep. Difficult to get to sleep, up at least a couple of times to take a leak, awake an hour and a half before the alarm to get up and take a look at yesterday's entry. What am I doing here with the writing? Much work to turn it around - not totally around, it's still only half readable, half formed - but this leading to more thought on how to salvage it. I'm stuck and need to make a change. I think. What kind of change? Changes? To better writing if keeping a journal is still even in the cards.

Up obviously in plenty of time to set out early for breakfast, the day clear, the weather people saying another hot day, but easing off after nine later tonight. We skipped doing the laundry again when we got home, but that will sort itself out soon enough. More pictures downtown, more progress on the construction project web sites (why do we continue posting our half-assed pictures to these construction site?) later and another day will be done.

It's summer. People so things in the summer, things that take advantage of the mood and the sun. What ambitions have we to get us out tripping in the sun?

You're out of gas again, my friend, and it's showing.

Which is what we've been talking about for the last whatever number of months.

Later. An hour's nap. No sleep, but a recharging of the batteries seems to have been the result and so a bus downtown to shoot the Latham Square pictures and pick up the prescription and two vitamin refills. A bus back to the apartment house construction site and then on to the apartment to download the photographs and crawl into bed. Another nap, another floating along in a fog that wasn't quite sleep, but again, feeling better for the experience.

In looking at the pictures I realize I'd somehow managed to move the light meter to a setting that isn't designed to handle brightly lit scenes with areas of contrasting brightness and shadow and I've therefore been screwing up the apartment house construction site pictures with their bright patches of sun and shade.

I've been wrestling with this without understanding where it was coming from in both Lightroom and Photoshop. Why had I not caught on earlier when it, in retrospect, was so obvious? Another demonstration of sloth and inattention? We're not happy with sloth and inattention. We'll know tomorrow if it's been fixed.

We'll work on the Latham Square and apartment house web sites again, but only for an hour or so, put off finishing and then uploading them until later, Thursday or Friday. Warm today (to say the least). Not too hot, but warm enough to make the movements slow and working on the web sites like wading through taffy.

“Wading through taffy”? You sure you're awake?

Evening. Updated the Latham Square web section that will be completed when I add whatever pictures I take tomorrow. A brief walk over to the lake debating: did I want to go here, did I want to go there, did I want to walk down to the 7-11 look-alike for something to eat? To drink? No, actually. And so back to the apartment.

A second episode of The Paradise tonight. I somehow ended up watching the end of last week's episode, having avoided it in the past (this is the second episode in a second season, I was convinced there was nothing worth my time watching in the first) and enjoyed it, surprised my little self, and so we'll go with it again tonight.

A Death In Paradise follows at eight, another repeat, and so maybe I'll stay up and see if I remember who done it and maybe I'll crash. Eight o'clock is too early to be crashing, but I wouldn't want to make any bets.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.