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July 11, 2014

A Little

Friday. To sleep after watching Unit One until eleven on the tablet last night, but sleeping straight through until seven. When's the last time I haven't had to get up to take a pee? A better bed? Luck? A memory lapse and I really did get up?

A drive to the local Starbucks to repeat my Portland routine of buying a Times and a cup of coffee, but they were out of the Times and every other local paper. Hmm. Back to eat breakfast, drink the coffee and cobble together a journal entry. I've arrived and I'm back on track? Maybe.

A drive to downtown Portland with my sister, both of us with our cameras, a picture or two along a street where we parked, lunch at a restaurant and then a drive over to Lake Oswego thinking we'd walk about and take photographs but, both of us tired, crapping out after a look at the ducks and heading home.

A good day to recover from the two day drive, off to Bainbridge Island for the family get together late morning tomorrow and then drive back to Portland on Sunday, my sister wanting to stop at a couple of places for photographs. She's more wired up with this photography business than I. More energy than I'm demonstrating anyway.

Evening. Warm today in Portland, they're saying up to one hundred degrees tomorrow, so best we'll be driving up to Seattle with the air conditioner on. Not accustomed to this heat. Nor are any of the Portland residents, an odd year up here for them just as it's been for us.

And all that means?

It's been a slow funky afternoon and now evening, although it's now becoming cooler. At least the evenings are livable. I wonder if this is what global warming means here in the future?

I'll probably watch the two episodes of the International Mystery program that starts at nine, The Eagle, on the tablet, a Danish thing I've seen before. Can't tell these various Danish and Swedish programs apart at the moment really, but they seem to hold my and my sister's interest. Seems she'd run across them too on Netflix, didn't know they ran anywhere locally on television.


That she watches them too? A little.

The photo up top was taken today in downtown Portland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.