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Here In Oakland

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July 7, 2014

To Start

Monday. To bed early last night, skipping out on both television and a decent guitar session, so we'll do our best to make up for that today. The guitar, anyway.

Up somewhat after the alarm, but feeling good heading off to breakfast on another sunny morning. I'd forgotten I have a followup exam at the pulmonary doctor's office this morning, they've been after me now for months and months, and so off to the appointment in another hour, but after running the Protime blood thinner test. That I forgot to run on the 4th. Forgetful as ever, I'm afraid.

You might just start to mark the blood test down on your calendar.

How many times have I forgotten? A few additional entries on the kitchen calendar, how difficult would that be?

Later. If I'd had to bet, and I don't bet unless I'm fairly certain of an outcome, I'd have bet the allergies brought on by my poor cat had packed their kit and were now long gone, and so, after my visit to the pulmonary doctor this morning, would he. (Diddle-dee-dee.) Lungs clear as a bell, come back one last time in December for a followup.

A drive back to the apartment feeling pretty good. The day has become overcast again and a bit cool, but nice enough for all that.

A bus then downtown to pick up a prescription refill, walking by the construction site to document their progress, having seen a cement truck parked by the site as I was returning from breakfast. More rebar, more cement.

The prescription refill wasn't ready for various reasons, I believe I have enough of the stuff to tide me through my Seattle trip this week, so I went over to the City Center for coffee and a pastry (for lunch). Felt OK. Good to be out.

A walk then back to the apartment, taking more pictures of the construction site, more rebar and more cement. Well, they're building an earthquake stressed six story structure and it takes lots of rebar and cement.

And this is news you feel the need to impart?

Sitting here now as it approaches three. A guitar is looking at me from its stand. A good time to start, if I'm going to make up for yesterday's shortened practice, and the head, although the sinuses and upper palate have been aching a bit, seems solid. As in clear and reasonably sane, not as in filled with cement. We've learned the difference.

Evening. A fair amount of time on the guitar, not enough to make up for yesterday, but enough to feel comfortable with. Nothing on television and so to bed early.

The Protime test results this morning were good and so happy with that. Hadn't thought about doing it on the trip to Seattle, but that should be easy enough. Should really buckle down and think about what I need to pack and prepare for the drive. I should. But I have all day tomorrow (less the guitar lesson) to start.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.