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July 5, 2014

Watching Earlier

Saturday. Two one hour episodes of the Danish series The Eagle last night, so to bed and to sleep after eleven. Still up with the alarm, though, no real problem getting my head together to set off for breakfast under the usual overcast sky that will soon clear itself up later this morning. That's a rut I don't really want to lose. We could use a little rain (to be P.C.), but otherwise all is well in Dingle Dell.

There's a “rock & roll” festival nearby here today in Mosswood Park that I'm thinking I may attend later this afternoon and photograph. Nothing was able to get me out of the apartment yesterday on the 4th, but then there was nothing going on nearby.

Later. OK, a walk over to the ATM on Lakeshore, talking myself out of ice cream (two scoops and a topping) at the usual shop. Back through the farmers market and then by the lake to sit and watch as they were setting up a sound system for a dance/concert/whatever later, I'm assuming around noon. In another half hour. I think I'll blow off the Mosswood Park gig and photograph this, whatever “this” turns out to be.

No pictures when I was out, no particular reason not to take them, just, well, I didn't see anything of interest. We'll maybe make up for that in another hour or so when we check out the lake. Nice day out there, t-shirt weather, feel reasonably good, the various stomach aches and pains (never too serious) have now faded into the background behind an emerging sinus-upper palate that's probably in a huff because I've been neglecting it.

Neglecting it?

Not bitching about it, paying it little attention. At least taking Vicodin for the stomach also wipes out any real sinus-upper palate discomfort. Two steps forward, one step back.

Fucking druggie.

Later still. Since the sound system was reasonably elaborate, one you'd expect to find in a club, I'd assumed they were there for a Salsa by the Lake or similar event expecting a number of people to show up. But no. They were playing music when I arrived the second time, a long lens on the camera, maybe a dozen people close by listening to the music, some forty or so others spread out beyond the immediate area doing whatever - tight rope walking, barbecuing, picnicking, sleeping, sun bathing and the like - and very few pictures.

No complaints, I sat on a bench for a while listening, watching what was going on before returning home along the shore. A total of half a dozen pictures, but that's the way it can go. Luck, the eye, the crowd: who knows how they'll form up, how a day may turn out?

Evening. Nothing on television so a Netflix movie or three. Or four. I wonder if others have this experience with the online subscription: you start one, stop; try another, stop; restart one you stopped last week or last month? I suspect it's true from some of the comments.

Anyway, guitar and maybe watch Maria Wern, the Saturday night International Mystery program at nine. I'm hoping I don't like it much or I've seen it before as it runs something like two hours for each of the two episodes they've got scheduled. Don't really want to stay up late, although I usually feel at my best and don't want to slow down in the evening.

Ah. I've seen it before. Have no idea who done it, but I do remember the beginning. No way I want to see it again. Time for bed. We'll bring along the tablet that's been charging on the kitchen counter just in case we want to continue with that Netflix thing we were watching earlier.

The photo up top was taken last Sunday at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.