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July 20, 2012

Must Be Hallucinating
Friday. Awake and up at nine. No complaints, if we need sleep, we need sleep. Whatever effects having three drinks last night may have had, I can't identify them, so up and out the door, walking to breakfast this time. We start the day with breakfast, not something we think about, no decisions to make, we just get up, pick up the newspapers, grab a camera and go. Hup.

Back then two hours later to wrestle with yesterday's entry, finally just giving up and posting it in the early afternoon. The day is quite nice, so I'm sure I'll get out again, take pictures, if I can find them, and then maybe (maybe?) head to lunch. At an outdoor table at the usual place. I do like places with outdoor tables, I do, yes.

Later. A decent day, a walk to have an apple turnover, ice cream and coffee, a clear sunny sky, but the temperature decent if you keep to the shade. Walking back I sat for but a few minutes by the lake to take one or two photographs. Nice images, they give a feeling for the day, but again, photographs I've taken many times in the past. Still, no complaints.

Before heading out to breakfast I'd taken a quick look at my Facebook page and noted the comments on the shooting last night at the Batman showing in Colorado. Eleven, now twelve people dead? Just another day in the life, another incident in the life, here on the magic planet? I guess. They seem to happen on some internal schedule of their own, whether we like it or not.

I've therefore, for some reason, to some degree, avoided my usual news sites, maybe because some internal voice thinks it best to let this thing lie, take them, since you do eventually have to take them, one bit at a time.

Do you really pay all that much attention?

At some level it's just a newspaper story, something that's happened far from any direct experience, but I suspect it also adds to any subconscious thoughts and fears you may have germinating, festering, underneath. It makes you react to people on the street differently. Not much differently, not even consciously, but it ratchets up the tension and makes for strange conceits.

Thank god the guy wasn't an Arab or a Muslim or a member of some other currently discriminated against group. An illegal immigrant. Many will say it's proof they're the problem and all that's needed is to round them all up and send them, well, somewhere else. That naval base in Cuba comes to mind.

Evening. A good day, a good evening, even a palatable Italian police procedural at six. I must be hallucinating. This day has gone and ended well.

The photo up top was taken at the Splash Pad Park salsa dancing last weekend with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.