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July 18, 2012

Then To Bed
Wednesday. To bed reasonably early after last night's little dance in ocular land, capping the evening by practicing guitar. Good for me. A pat on the head. Up this overcast morning with the alarm heading off to breakfast and back. A waffle with strawberries and bananas and coffee, not a cheese block-puff-slice in sight. Lesson remembered for the morning, although this is often my fare. Too many eggs, too many pieces of bacon will kill you, they say, and I often as not take such propaganda into account.

I have no idea for the day ahead. I've been packing the camera with a 135mm lens now for the last couple of days. Causes me to see potential pictures through both its strengths and limitations, a good way to challenge and change the eye. Nothing revolutionary here you understand, just one of the things you (I) do routinely to keep the photographs in play. Hey.

I mentioned overcast, but they're saying sun later, so good, on this new morning. In Oakland.

Later. An amble across to the lake and then an amble back to the bus stop, a bus downtown, an amble to the City Center to sit out at a table with a cup of coffee and watch. The people. And the occasional seagull. So far, so good.

An amble down Broadway. I say amble and I do mean amble, walking slowly, but buzzing along in comfort. Some thought to stray off the beaten path to explore, although nothing came of that. Another bus to the morning restaurant for ice cream and tea, hot tea. No cheese. No cheese like substances. We haven't forgotten our resolution yet. Some thought about sake, we'll probably be up for sake later, but nothing came of it. I say maybe later, but probably not.

So back home on what is now a sunny day, the temperature climbing, sitting here in front of a fan as I'm typing. Well, writing. Closer to typing than writing, but that's the way of a first draft. We do first drafts here, sometimes second drafts, but no longer any more than a beginning two. There was a time, but that was then and this is now and we are (somehow) comfortable with that.

So what do we do now?

A nap, I think, see if these ocular migraine precursors remain in the background or decide, as they've decided recently, to come out in the afternoon and the early evening, see if my cheese theory turns out to have been more cheesy than fact.


Oof two too.

Later still. The dry mouth, not feeling all that well, symptoms that lasted for about an hour, an hour and a half, and then feeling much better. None of the symptoms I associate with the ocular stuff. So good, I guess. Again, feel good. An hour on the guitar. Two hours actually, but an hour of practice. I'll do fifteen minutes and set it down, then another fifteen minutes as we go onward through the fog.

Nothing worthwhile on at six, the Don Matteo thing playing, but we'll make do. I've been thinking of sushi (without the spicy mussels) later, but then I'm always thinking about sushi (and sake) later, without doing anything about it. The ocular things loom (as well as the cost). Bad enough the amount of money I spend at my café in the mornings without adding sushi and sake in the nights.

Evening. Some guitar, some television (the first half of Charlie Rose on PBS) and then to bed. The best move of the day, the “then to bed”.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.