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July 16, 2012

We Get Closer
Monday. So we got to bed a little late and didn't get to sleep until well after eleven. Up with the alarm without too much effort, off and back from breakfast on an overcast morning that's starting to break up. They're saying sunny later, but in the sixties, a sensible temperature from my standpoint. I wonder if that makes me less a Californian, this preference for temperatures in the sixties? Maybe, maybe not.

Nothing much I can see on the schedule for this coming week, but I'll do some digging, see if I can't find something to photograph. I need to go by an ATM, so I'll head out on the bus later for the downtown and see where that might take me. Odd how hard it seems to get myself out the door when there's no other reason than to get out the door, how easy it is when there's an errand, even the most trivial of errands, to use as an excuse.

Later. A bit cooler than I was expecting out there when I set out. A bus to Broadway and the ATM, a walk then to the City Center thinking to get a cup of coffee and sit out at a table, but it turned out to be too cold for that. A single picture heading for the bus.

A ride back to the morning café to have (on an overly cool morning) Strawberry ice cream and coffee, taking a single picture when I finally moved myself inside to avoid the cold. It's getting warmer and I'm seeing more sun out there now here at the apartment, but then it was a scoot back home in a chilly breeze, still too cold for comfort. Such is this Monday in the morning in Oakland.


But warm.

Later still. Something of a nap. Good. I guess. Up now listening to the News Hour on PBS, playing a little guitar, spending too much time surfing the web. Another walk might be nice, but I have no idea where I might like to go, so with walks we're dead. Sushi and sake later this evening? Maybe just dodder on down to the local 7-11 look-alike for a small bottle of Jack Daniels, something to ease us into the evening? None of it appeals. Sushi? I dunno. Doesn't seem right. Fuzz the brain for fun and profit? Again, doesn't tug at the heart.

Hang a picture or two? Something you've been threatening to do now for three years?

It can't have been three years.

It can, and I can say it because I know you, in your ongoing sloth, won't make an effort to check.


Evening. I futzed with a couple of pictures and added them to the salsa group on both ArtAndLife and HereInOakland. I seem to be able to fall back to manipulating photographs at any old time with both energy and interest. No complaints of course. The problem isn't losing old pursuits, I'd guess, but not having new ones come along to replace them. I suspect they always will, given that always is a whole lot leaner as we get closer to the horizon than not.

The photo up top was taken at the Salsa class yesterday at Splash Pad Park with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.