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July 11, 2012

If I'll Listen
Wednesday. To bed before ten, up with the alarm, off to breakfast and back. So far, so good. So far feeling good, no sign of any “symptoms” from the sushi and sake either this morning or last night. Doesn't mean I was right in feeling something had changed yesterday, the taste and overall reaction to the food telling me all was well, but so far all is well. Cross our fingers. And toes. And hope to fly.

A nap, though, we were a bit tired after wrestling with yesterday's undying prose. Depressing, that. Up after about an hour to finish what I'd started and posting the damned thing before heading downtown on a bus after ten, stopping on the way to tap the ATM.

I checked out the band forming up in the City Center for the Wednesday noon concert, they sounded pretty good, took a look at a group (a very small group, as it turned out) forming up in front of City Hall to demonstrate for jobs and then march on to the unemployment office and then I, ambition all but gone (but still feeling good), hopped a bus back to the morning café for ice cream and lemonade. I'd had a bagel with cream cheese and coffee at the City Center, no need for more coffee was the excuse for the lemonade, if I needed an excuse for the lemonade.

So I'm back now at the apartment. One good last day's practice on the guitar I think, maybe add some further notes to my much practiced Layla riff, maybe work on the old negatives, see if I can't find one or two I like. For all the times I've gone through them there still seems to be one I'd missed. You'd think I'd have found any and all by now unless I'm in some weird sense unknowingly blind.

Again, it's afternoon, last night's sushi and sake went by without a blink; the afternoon is bright and I'm this far into the day without complaint. We can work on that, of course, if we must. Wouldn't want to go completely cold turkey with our unremitting vein of complaints.

Evening. So much for never. A brief ocular migraine came along (crept up) that led me to lie down for close to an hour, up now feeling fine, but maybe it's trying to tell me something (about art and life and sushi and sake and spicy mussels). If I'll listen.

The photo up top was taken through a store window on Telegraph at the Temescal Street Fair last weekend with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.