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July 3, 2012

To Bed At Ten
Tuesday. Up with the alarm, off to breakfast, the temperature again continuing to be quite nice. Back, passing by a number of policemen and a couple of news vans in front of the the Lakeview school, the police having sealed of any entrance to the parking lot. Hmm.

Should I stop and take pictures? Too late to pull over and park, maybe walk back with a camera after I'd arrived home? Well, no, we'll lie down for a while before we head downtown for our haircut appointment and pick up a prescription they'd called to say was ready. So much for ambition, I guess.

You skipped on posting yesterday's entry before you left?

As ragged as it was, it needed a lot more work.

This seems to be happening more often lately, does it not?

I suspect. I say “suspect” because I can't fix a time on anything much anymore on what may have started happening a week or some months back. True, but when, I don't know.

Now, now.

Anyway a bus to the Broadway ATM, a walk then on to the City Center for the haircut, an easy session sitting having your hair trimmed, a run by the pharmacy (to pick up a prescription and vitamin B12) and then a walk along Broadway before a bus came by and took me all the way to the morning café. For lunch. I was hungry. An apple scone, ice cream and coffee.

And a closer look at the Lakeview school, when I'd finished, the table that had been set at the parking lot entrance now situated at the bottom of the front door stairs, four people out on the median in the middle of Grand holding signs saying there was a rally later at 5 PM, their school occupation in disrepair.

So you'll photograph them at five?

Of course. Too close by not to go and take pictures.

Back to the apartment to wrestle with yesterday's entry, post yesterday's entry and then take a nap. An hour's, closer to two hour's, nap. And I now feel better. Just like that.

Later. A walk to the school and an hour's shooting. Not as large a crowd as in earlier rallys, but maybe because this one was called at the last minute. Still, some pictures, one or two I like, getting out back home as the speakers were finishing up. I tend to arrive at these things earlier than most and leave earlier than most.

Other than that a couple of hours then on the photographs, I'll have them finished tomorrow, another Maigret of some interest while futzing with the guitar. Again, not sure why I'm drawn to Maigret, it isn't the plots, not sure why other than, as I've said, the 50's time period is interesting and the fairly subtle delineation of attitudes and culture is nice. To bed at ten.

The photo up top was taken of a flier in a store window along Broadway today with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.