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July 31, 2011

Sets Up The Week

Sunday. In retrospect yesterday was a less clear day than I realized at the time, the writing more than wobbly wandering farther into the swamps than I might like. I don't write these for an audience in the same sense I once wrote a student newspaper column (every Friday for two years). When you're writing for a paper you're writing for readership. No readership, no column. Here I'm, well, I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I'm obviously spending a lot of time in its production. Chipping away at something, not sure what.

Anyway, to bed last night at ten, to sleep by eleven, up this morning at eight. A decent night's sleep if you count the hours, although I got up twice to change bed positions and to take a leak, hard to say which did what. To breakfast and back, a properly sized breakfast this time, no complaining about that. No silly side steps remembering the starving children in this part of the world or that. I'm not sure times are any better for starving children these later days, but I suspect they're getting worse. A reality that makes bankrupt self absorbed excursions like these.

But we're back, it's ten in the morning, the sky is overcast and I'm thinking a drive to Jack London Square. It is Sunday and there should be places to park. Hup, hup. Maybe go by Beverages & More, as I didn't go down the hill and have sushi and sake last night, pick up one or two things for the evening. Might.

Later. Tired. I was tired earlier, it just hadn't sunk in. A nap. Again, calling a vague drifting off into nothingness without really losing consciousness a nap. This tiredness business has lasted pretty much through the afternoon.

A walk - I wasn't able to convince myself to drive to Jack London - then to the usual restaurant for a cup of coffee and a lemon something or other, a not very original picture in passing of one of the usual suspects. All the patio restaurant tables were full, the inside no better, but I did order the coffee and a lemon bar at the register and the waitresses found me a small table inside without making anyone wait. I'm happy to see them doing a good business for my own selfish reasons and I knew when I set out, given the time of day, it was going to be crowded.

So a walk back to the apartment (and I do mean a slow walk back to the apartment) to sit by the white columns when I saw the Salsa group had assembled for their what I assume are lessons and practice. Just a few couples, not sure when they schedule these things - was I too early or too late? - and took but one or two pictures. Tired, I mentioned, but not so tired not to take a picture. Still, it was close.

So that's been about it. In walking back I passed this bus, have no idea what it's about, but it goes into the graffiti-mural collection. We develop our little collections over time and add to them when we make a find. Yes we do.

Later still. Alright, a little better, and the sun seems to at long last be poking through this late afternoon. They're saying sunny for the rest of the week, none of this high overcast off the ocean in the mornings, and I can do that. It's never all that hot in the Bay Area during the summer, the Springs and the Falls are where it heats up. Unless global warming puts a bug in the ointment. It already has and will do more, I suspect, but not tomorrow please and not for the rest of the week.

Sit, watch the news on the tube while playing the guitar. Sneak it in any way we can - the guitar, not the news - so we don't get uptight when Wednesday's guitar lesson rolls around. I say keep yourself a bit on edge, it drives the practice properly forward, but don't overdo it. I say I'm lazy, and I am in many ways, but there's another side to the coin and, as a retiree getting on in age, we need to keep that more aggressive side of things in check.

You're bitching about “slow” and now you're bitching about “fast”?

Life is complicated. I've heard it said.

Evening. A walk down to have sushi and sake, just enough to set the evening in gear. The “tired” feelings pretty much gone by the time I arrived, the one flask of hot sake smoothing out the edges of the day. Not enough sake to worry about, not enough to be noticeable for more than maybe another hour. Who knows if it's a good idea after a run down tired assed day like this, but that's the way I've set it up to end. Nothing I might like on TV, there is a Netflix movie I could finish, undoubtedly to bed again early this evening, see how another night with a good long rest (waking up now and again to take a leak) sets up the week.

The photograph was taken of a lamp post off Grand by the white columns by the lake with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.